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Favorite electronic cigarette starter kits?

  1. romper20 profile image83
    romper20posted 6 years ago

    Favorite electronic cigarette starter kits?

    What is your favorite electronic cigarette? Have you tried the electronic cigarette before if not would you?

  2. Insane Mundane profile image60
    Insane Mundaneposted 6 years ago

    I suppose the "Smoke Tip" brand is about as good as any.  E-Cigs are an excellent choice when trying to quit smoking, but even if you decide to keep your nicotine habit, the electronic cigarette is still safer than the tobacco products.  I bought myself an E-Cig kit (Smoke Tip) after trying a few disposable ones from other brands, a while back, but I'm yet to switch over to electronic cigs altogether albeit I have the safer alternative, if I ever decide to use it.

  3. jessefutch profile image56
    jessefutchposted 5 years ago

    The Ego is by far the best I've tried. And that's saying a lot since I manufacture my own "box mods" for my website. The Ego has a full 3.7 volt battery, lasts all day and makes tons of vapor. Egos are best because they accept a standard 510 threaded attachment. This means you can buy cartomizers (atomizer and cartridge in one) that you can use for weeks at a time and refill with your own liquid. This makes vaping cost around $10 a month. Can't beat that price with any other kit! A standard kit comes with two batteries, two atomizers, a charger and enough refills to last a good while. Generally an Ego kit costs around $60.

  4. bgtrix profile image36
    bgtrixposted 4 years ago

    @romper20 There is a big difference between the brands and the quality is important when you want to buy your first starter kit. So I can recommend you to take a look at this e cigarette comparison here and to find the best brand for you - http://buy-ecig.com