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What age should children be allowed to have a cell phone?

  1. Curiad profile image77
    Curiadposted 6 years ago

    What age should children be allowed to have a cell phone?

    Do you feel there is a specific age, is it based on their level of maturity or should the wait until they can pay for it themselves?

  2. profile image0
    shahirslmn87posted 6 years ago

    I think children should be at-least 15 years to have their on cell phone. However, you can provide them Walkman/mp4/mp3 players e.t.c for having fun.

    And when ever you are giving a cellphone, please advice him/her with the dos and don'ts.

  3. suebee62 profile image59
    suebee62posted 6 years ago

    In today's world, I think that when a child enters school, unfortunately, it has become and is a necessity for kids to have a cell phone.  This doesn't mean that they need a fancy 4G phone or one with games or one that they can text on.  Just a basic phone for emergencies and to get a hold of mom and dad.  Something to teach them the responsibility in having a phone and what it is really for.  Today parents let their kids have phones with no restrictions.  Big Mistake!!!! How does a kid learn if they have no boundaries? How do they learn to take responsibility if they don't have to earn anything, even if it is as simple as a texting, or a game.  With responsibility, following the rules, doing chores comes maturity and when they are old enough to work, they are then old enough to start paying for their own phone.

  4. bradybynum1 profile image59
    bradybynum1posted 6 years ago

    There are going to be several differing opinions on this issue, so I might as well place mine to.
    I really believe that there is never going to be a specific age to do anything for people in general. Everyone is different, as are their situations. As a general idea however, I would wait for one or both of two things to occur. 1, be sure they are mature enough to have one. They are breakable, without knowing a kid can run up hundreds of dollars on games alone, and there are countless ways for trouble on a phone. Most can be avoided however through mature use. 2, get your child a phone when you feel it is necessary for their safety. Like when they are frequently going to friend's houses or spending more time away from you as a parent.  Texting is a very quick and easy way to check on your child's well being.
    Hope this helps!

  5. profile image71
    ElleBeeposted 6 years ago

    I think that there are a lot of factors into this - but I do agree that it should be based on maturity more than age... I often see middle school kids w/ cell phones and I don't really think that is necessary.

    I think that if a child/teen is driving, then their having a cell phone is a good idea, especially if they live in a more rural area.  While they obviously need to know it isn't appropriate to use the phone while driving, I think it is a big safety issue for them not to have one period if they drive alone, especially if they drive on more rural roads. Similarly, if your child plays sports and is away on trips (even just afternoon trips a few towns away) their having a cell phone is probably a good idea. It saved me being left at school to wait for a ride when I got back early a few times.

    My parents required my sister and I to keep our cells with us when we first started driving, "just in case," and they did pay for our phones b/c they wanted us to have them. If they want extras like a smart phone then I think it's reasonable to expect them to pay.

  6. Melindas Mind profile image69
    Melindas Mindposted 6 years ago

    Depends on the reasons for the child, and the child. I let my children have a second hand phone at 10 years old. The reason for this is that's the age that I start to let them stay home, but we don't have a land line. I'm not comfortable letting them stay home without a phone to call me and/or the police (I know, worst case scenario). They get a second hand one until they can prove to me they'll take care of their phone.

  7. Sharda Sriram profile image71
    Sharda Sriramposted 6 years ago

    Today's generation is in highly techno world, technology is good if a person is using properly in right age and children of today's world they will learn fast but as a guide of good parenting in my opinion cell phone should be allow not before they step in for college.

  8. Richard Ren profile image59
    Richard Renposted 6 years ago

    The danger happening around our community in new zealand is getting more and more severe, for parents the best they can do is to provide kids with even the most basic smartphone to ensure their safety if any strangers approach them. I highly suggest Children in Intermediate to be equiped with an emergency phone

  9. buckleupdorothy profile image84
    buckleupdorothyposted 6 years ago

    It depends on how independent they are: if an 11 year-old is participating in recreational sports or something and will need to reach you when practice is over, etc., then it makes sense to supply them with a cell phone. Of course, for young children you can always limit the number of people who have the number or the acceptable uses for the phone: i.e. it's only for calling home.

    Payphones used to serve this purpose, but at least in my area there are fewer and fewer - and the chances of one being operational are even slimmer. Kids may need cellphones to be safe, but they almost certainly don't need them to call the friends they already see 5 full days a week.

  10. Sunita-Sharma profile image70
    Sunita-Sharmaposted 6 years ago

    I feel there is no specific age but specific need! One should be able to judge if it is really neccessary to handover the cellphone to your kids or not. Situations such when kids start going to school , or they are going outstation for school activites and more related activities, they need a cell phone. Also, the decision of when to allow a child to get a cell phone comes with financial ramifications and more.Cell phones can be expensive so, a minium budget should be allowed to spend on the cellphone.

  11. Alisha Ann profile image60
    Alisha Annposted 6 years ago

    I believe children should be allowed to have cell phones when they are old enough to drive, that way should they break down they have a means of contacting someone.

  12. jinojohny profile image37
    jinojohnyposted 6 years ago

    When Children Go for their higher studies away from home, then they should be needed a cell phone.

  13. sujithbeta profile image73
    sujithbetaposted 6 years ago

    A child who is aware of its advantages and disadvantages can use cell phone at any age.