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What Are Your Best Tips For A Faster Internet Or Faster Computer?

  1. PhoenixV profile image75
    PhoenixVposted 6 years ago

    What Are Your Best Tips For A Faster Internet Or Faster Computer?

    I am always looking for tips on how to speed up my computer or have faster speed on the internet. Whether it is different browsers to basic computer maintenance. What are your best tips for a faster computer?

  2. ramkimeena profile image60
    ramkimeenaposted 6 years ago

    An internet speed booster  utility can  boost  up speed of internet.  You can instal one of  the utilities available in the market. For dial-up connection, try the following:

    1. click start > run
    2. type regedit > enter
    3. browse folder HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ InternetSettings
    4. right click @ windows right > New > DWORD
    5. type MaxConnectionsPerServer > you can set value (the higher the number, the more good speed you get, eg : 99)
    6. create another DWORD >type MaxConnectionsPer1_0Server
    7. then put a high value as mentioned above
    8. then, restart IE, finished.

    For speedy computing, clean up your registry regularly. Remove the unwanted  files  including temp files that had been formed every day once their purpose is served. You can instal a registry cleaner and file cleaner  for this purpose. Your computer will fly fast then onwards.

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    Deepunetfishposted 6 years ago

    The speed of internet is solely depend the type of your connection, you can nothing to do other than moving to a high speed connection.

    Regarding the speed of the computer, as we use internet and do so many jobs daily our system will be crowded with temporary as well as remaining of other files. Routinely we have to clean the system from these files. Software like C cleaner and revo uninstaller are best for this.

    I wrote a hub on this "Four Best Free Software for your PC"  please read that and get informed more

  4. profile image55
    laurel536posted 5 years ago

    Something that has helped me tremendously in keeping my computer at a good speed is by using computer cleaners like "CCleaner".  It purges temporary internet files, cleans out the recycling bin and gets rid of other unnecessary files.

  5. profile image55
    venedictposted 4 years ago

    *Fiber optic and cable internet tend to be faster than DSL,mobile and dial-Up.

    *Using a mobile internet connection in a congested room can
    decrease the connectivity hence try to find a near by HotSpot
    and use since its more active.
    * You can try using the mobile internet Off Peak hours thereby
    avoiding the traffic.
    *Try updating the Mobile firmware and keep checking if there
    are any updates for your phone.
    *Try to purchase a booster/antenna which may capture more signals.
    *Do not installs lots of softwares on mobile.

    *If you are interested only in text then there is option in mobile to block images. That will give you fast speed and will have less charges as some providers charge per KB.

    *Do not access other applications while surfing.

    After you have tried some of this,try your connection again using http://www.scanmyspeed.com/ and see if it's running any faster.If you are not still satisfied try to upgrade the data plan.