What google chrome extension would be good for optimizing space on a netbook?

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    creamsodaposted 6 years ago

    What google chrome extension would be good for optimizing space on a netbook?

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    keirnanhollandposted 5 years ago

    Most people would say "Bump", meaning what you talking about?

    But if you want to optimize your computer, you first need to discern your web browser from the operating system. When you turn your computer on and see your desktop, that's your operating system, when you double click on chrome, you are now in an application running on the operating system. Now you can't optimize the netbook (or operating system running on hardware) with the web browser (application running on operating system).  So no matter what you do in the web browser, all you will be affecting is the web browser not the computer nor its operating system..

    Now that aside, to optimize your netbook you might try these:

    - add more ram to the computer (this involves using a screw driver to open the bottom panel on your netbook, and installing memory modules with more gigs of storage. If you have half a gig of storage, you will want to add another half gig.. My Asus netbook came with 1 gig and I think it has a maximum memory of 1.5 gigs, so you remove the two memory modules that are each 256 megs and you replace them with two 512 meg modules. There is 512 megs hard-wired to the system board so you can always boot the machine and use it.

    - to optimize disk performance, assuming your netbook uses a hard disk, if you hear it rattling or making a quiet fast paced ticking noise when you open your web browser, it's either a bomb or it's the hard drive's actuator arm slapping back and forth between tracks on the disk. Anyhow if you have a hard disk, you can run some software that de-fragments the drive. What I do sometimes is I get this program called "space monger" and I will locate files I'm not using and delete them.. Here is the site where you get it, just be careful when you are looking for files to delete because some files your computer relies upon to run, only delete files you know about like those 20 albums of free techno music you downloaded but forgot about, space monger will find that stuff for you:

    Though note, their website looks like it's about to be taken down, I'm seeing all sorts of server-side issues, download this and archive it somewhere safe, this program is that special:


    Go to "free software", at the very bottom of that list look for "Space Monger 1.4"..

    This software is designed to work in Windows without an install, but if you have a Mac or Linux machine, this program works about as well in WINE.