What would happen if we didn't recycle?

  1. Iznogoud profile image80
    Iznogoudposted 5 years ago

    What would happen if we didn't recycle?

  2. jessicaseo profile image60
    jessicaseoposted 5 years ago

    Obviously if we will not recycle not save trees and greenery  then we will loose Earth one day. Plastic items will take time to decompose or may be it will not decompose. It may lead to a condition of Greenhouse effect and we will have to suffer Sun radiation and so ultimately extinction of living being will be the ultimate result. We human beings just do/perform what is wrong, we hate, kill animals who are not harming environment, cutting down trees but accordingly recycling and reservation we aren't doing which we must. I appreciate to ask this question, which I feel could at least force one hubber even to take the initiative.