How do you secure a facility against HID card cloning?

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    skearposted 5 years ago

    How do you secure a facility against HID card cloning?

    I recently witnessed how easy it was to clone a HID RFID proximity card with the proxmark3 cloner, what can be done to remediate these types of threats?

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    markbennisposted 5 years ago

    There is nothing that is 100% fool proof, as everything has a signature that can be read.  The criminal intent to break such things is just as equal to the opposing force trying against it.

    This will never be balanced within the reality we dwell in as duality will always be equal and if not at that very moment, will have to by natural law for balance be the defining factor for such things to always be in opposition to each other.

    So my final theory is nothing can beat the opposing force as the law of this actual reality will in the end require it to be balanced.

    Hence why we never prevail to conquer crime and the most prevailing of all, war!

    Something very profound beyond our known understanding will have to manifest to really change the format of our reality.

    Do you see us as humanity really achieving such a turning point on our own, or will have to be a defining factor beyond our belief?

    If it sounds very deep and philosophical then I apologise now but I am again having one of those days, LMAO.