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How much does a Microsoft surface cost?

  1. vinner profile image75
    vinnerposted 5 years ago

    How much does a Microsoft surface cost?

    Everybody will be knowing by this time that Microsoft is going to release a tablet to the market. It is something that Microsoft has not done in its history of years, except some music players. Everybody is waiting for the product to come to the market. It is just stunning in terms of specifications. Then only thing everybody is waiting to see is its price. How much does a Microsoft surface cost?


  2. luciano63 profile image70
    luciano63posted 5 years ago

    Hi i know that the initial cost will be of 299 dollars to beat Apple competition, cheap and good quality...we will see if it is going to be true? However it sounds like a good deal, I got my Toshiba for 300 dollars brand new and is not a microsoft...so I guess a real good price.

  3. SilverRingvee profile image61
    SilverRingveeposted 5 years ago

    Hello, I think that you will find everything from my hub about Microsoft Surface : http://silverringvee.hubpages.com/hub/M … e-sold-out

  4. profile image51
    sra1pkposted 5 years ago

    As per CNET, Microsoft Surface starts at $499 with 32GB and Microsoft Office but without the cover-keyboard, aka, Touch Cover. Surface bundled with the Touch Cover will go for $599.