Can You Metal Detect For Placer Or Natural Occurring Gold?

  1. PhoenixV profile image74
    PhoenixVposted 5 years ago

    Can You Metal Detect For Placer Or Natural Occurring Gold?

    Will a metal detector find small amounts of naturally occurring gold, like in sand on beaches? Are there any beaches or rivers that are accessible, year round, that you can find naturally occurring gold?

  2. Rfordin profile image80
    Rfordinposted 5 years ago

    As far as naturally "occurirng gold" yeah not so much. Don't get me wrong some people have been known to "gold mine"  (better known as "panning" for gold) in rivers and river mouths in the mountains (I've heard NC is popular for this) but fidning the "big nugget" is not very realistic unless you have means to get to places people have never gotten to before.

    Gold does naturally form however it's a fine mix of minerals and genrally is "speckled" gold or flecks. These pieces of "gold" are not worth much as it would be necessary to have thousnads of "flecks" to make anything worth mentioning.

    If your in it for the sport (yes this is a sport) do your research online. Look around for places that are considered "historic". Make sure to ask permission to detect on the land if owned and focus on rare, old coins, jewelry etc.

    It can be fun but takes alot of research and there is a learning curve with any machine.

    If you do happen to find something come back and tell me please smile.


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    point2makeposted 5 years ago

    A metal detector will find gold in the form of nuggets or jewellery. There are many manufacturers that produce detectors for  "Gold hunting" that are specialized machines for hunting gold nuggets. Any detector can detect gold but the gold has to be large enough to be "captured" by the coil.  A small nugget buried in 8" of soil could easily be missed by many detectors. Soil conditions, the depth of the gold, type of detector and the experience of the user  all play important parts in the recovery of gold.
    If you are referring to "flakes" or "Flecks" of gold found in river mud as naturally occurring then these examples would not be discovered with a detector but rather by using the tried and true method of gold panning. "Planning" will also recover nuggets as well.