What are the best smart phone deals available?

  1. Sue B. profile image96
    Sue B.posted 5 years ago

    What are the best smart phone deals available?

    I am hearing of more and  more people switching off of the major cell phone companies and switching to other companies or even prepaid phones.  It costs most people over $100 per month to  maintain a smart phone.  What other deals should people consider?

  2. Aikonia profile image84
    Aikoniaposted 5 years ago

    I'm not sure there are any "deals" around, It depends so much on your usage and the smartphone you desire/want/need. MetroPCS have a $50 plane right now for unlimited Data, Text and Talk - hard to beat!! 4GLTE - high speed data - for the first 250MB then it switches to a lower speed. Best deal out there now from my point of view is to get an iPhone 4S 16GB and the lowest rate data, text, talk plan with one of the carriers. I was using an iPhone 4 and after that on a prepaid option plan with unlimited data that worked out as I don't make a lot of calls or text and I supplement the calling with Google Voice and Skype even over the cellular network. If you are back on a limited Data plan then it's hard to say. Free wifi can be found almost anywhere if you out and about so I would either get a no-data plan or go with a pre-paid option so  you're in control of the billing. Again there are a lot of used iPhone 4S selling really cheaply via eBay right now for some strange reason, so pick one that's unlocked and get a prepaid from AT&T or T-Mobile and you're set.