Why Windows Movie Maker is not Showing Video?

  1. mymagicview profile image76
    mymagicviewposted 5 years ago

    Why Windows Movie Maker is not Showing Video?

    For some reason I had to format my laptop. When I installed everything again, everything is working fine except the Windows Movie Maker. Windows movie maker is not showing video. I can listen audio of any video, but instead of video, I can see only blank screen in preview.

    I searched on Internet and everywhere I found the suggestion to update Graphics drivers. I have updated both of my graphics drivers, that is Intel Graphics driver and AMD RADEON  graphics, but problem persists. Do you have any idea, what would be the problem? Please help! I am not able to edit videos for YouTube.

  2. jose7polanco profile image75
    jose7polancoposted 5 years ago

    Same thing happens when installing movie maker after upgrading to windows 7. I think windows movie maker is not a good option, have rather use sony vegas, avs4you, and any other free or paid program but movie maker is just not so good.