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How can my blog compete with other blogs?

  1. davidlivermore profile image99
    davidlivermoreposted 4 years ago

    How can my blog compete with other blogs?

    I don't have a blog right now, but if I were to have one, how could it compete with the millions of others already out there?  What sets one blog apart from another?

  2. djashburnal profile image82
    djashburnalposted 4 years ago

    My wife has a pretty successful blog. Her first advice is be yourself.

    Second, don't compete with others, work with them. There are plenty of similar blogs that provide links to each other and this in turn, drives people to each one. My wife does this and by cooperating with other blogs, they have all increased in followers.

  3. livewirez profile image74
    livewirezposted 4 years ago

    Just write blogs that interest you most. Be honest in writing and as much as possible "be yourself" as what djashburnal said.
    You don't need to compete you just find out that sooner or later you will get a lot of traffic and your blogs will be successful.

  4. bydojo profile image85
    bydojoposted 4 years ago

    Create it on a nice catchy domain name. Get a small cpanel hosting account and install wordpress. Get a nice free/premium theme (responsive, so that it shows nicely on any device) and write about what you're passionate about. Be consistent in your efforts, schedule posts, come up with original and useful content.

    Be active on other blogs and in forums, make sure your SEO is in place. You'll be successful if you put in the work wink

  5. somasasa profile image60
    somasasaposted 4 years ago

    Creating your own interesting topic and that which you believe will catch the attention of online visitors is important.
    Make your blog easy to understand and you can introduce various methods of promoting the blog for the benefit of reaching more users.