How far a Facebook account or alike now is(are) playing an important role in our

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    Rituparna 1posted 3 years ago

    How far a Facebook account or alike now is(are) playing an important role in our social life?

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    wrenchBiscuitposted 3 years ago

    Facebook , like many other social networking sites is an organ of the state. Whether designed that way intentionally, or whether agencies like the CIA simply recognized social media as a useful tool after the fact, has no bearing on my conclusion. It is what it is.

    Furthermore, social media allows millions of users to voice their uninformed opinions about a wide range of personal, and socio - political issues. It is not uncommon for a host of Facebook commentators to "debunk" an unpopular idea, or position,  by attacking a lone poster. They descend like a host of killer bees; defying all reason and logic  with their cliched rhetoric and ridiculous soundbytes.

    In the personal sphere, I see Facebook and social media in general as a perfect instrument for the vain and self-absorbed American mainstream. Here, they can post numerous images of themselves, and then bask in the glory of "likes", and superficial comments such as: "Wow, you are stunning!", " What a beautiful picture, thanks for posting!" " Are you really 100 years old? You don't look a day over 55!"  And of course, there are the millions of nauseating posts of the digital "Don't Worry Be Happy" type images. These usually consist of a particular nature scene; like a waterfall or beautiful enchanted forest. Superimposed upon these beautiful pastoral scenes will be great words of " wisdom" such as: " With Age Comes Beauty and Wisdom". Really? Then who has been keeping all of the plastic surgeons in business for the last 50 years? Could it be the 18-30 year old women? And as far as wisdom goes, if age makes people wiser, then why are a majority of Americans still voting Democrat and Republican?

    And then you have the guys like me; the ones who are constantly posting articles and comments that nobody cares about, or rarely even reads, in a futile attempt to motivate, and bring about positive social change.

    When we look at our Facebook wall , we are looking at a microcosm of the real world. This microcosm accurately reflects the pettiness, the vanity, the selfishness, and superficiality of the world that exists beyond the perimeter of cyberspace. It conveniently mirrors a sobering truth: that the world has always  consisted primarily of mindless robots, who are easily controlled and manipulated with their own avarice, their vanity, and their libido. Yes , I believe Facebook, and social media in general, plays an important role in our society, by showing us who we really are.