OE .dbx repair tool?

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    PiersCraiposted 2 years ago

    OE .dbx repair tool?

    hey all.

    got a problem with a users outlook express where deleting and moving emails between their outlook EXPRESS folders is.. well.. painful at best..  CPU runs high, everything runs slowly.  i'm thinking it's some sort of corrupted DBX file.. without doing a painful extract all the messages/txt files/blah blah on a trial version; has anyone seen anything that'll just do a db recover and rebuild on the files?

    i think the emails are in ok, just the actual DBX file is a bit... squiffy?

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    BryanDawposted 2 years ago

    You can use Outlook Express Repair Toolbox is absolutely Outlook DBX repair tool and efficient remedy against the corruption of email folders with DBX extension.

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