Whats the need of ROM while RAM perform same task...

  1. saifhafeez profile image61
    saifhafeezposted 2 years ago

    Whats the need of ROM while RAM perform same task...

    Whats the need of ROM in computer where RAM perform both the task read and write ... where ROM only read......

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    Thief12posted 2 years ago

    Because they aren't built to do the same things.

    ROM is typically a low-capacity storage for built-in configurations that the computer needs to load when you turn it on. Also, despite the perpetuation of the term "ROM", current ROM chips aren't actually read-only, since some things can be stored in them, but like I said, it usually has to do with basic configurations of your system.

    RAM, on the other hand, is in charge of storing all the data that you are using while your computer is working. It is of a much larger capacity and its storage is in many ways responsible for your computer's performance. If you have little RAM in your computer, and you start opening lots of applications and stuff, your computer will slow down and eventually crash because RAM can't handle that much. However, if you have a lot of RAM, your computer will be able of handling more tasks at the same time.

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    Fahad ansari12posted 2 years ago

    Apart from having a hard disk , we need a temporarily storagable memories so that we can retain information quickly without any time lag. ROM & RAM are the memories that is very useful for the computer.. Now as u said why we need ROM when RAM can also read the memory.. So, basically ram can work only when computer is turn on but we some data to store in both the conditions.. First off ROM stands for Read Only Memory. ROM is important to the computer's functionality because it retains all of the data even if the computer is powered off. ROM is usually what is used to store the data in order to even boot up a computer.