Address Book

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    GeorgeMay12posted 2 years ago

    Address Book

    I accidently deleted contacts in my Outlook Express 6 address book. Downloaded Address Book Recovery software but after scanning, only a few of the entries were located.

    I've heard there are ways to restore and would like some assistance if possible.


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    MarieLBposted 2 years ago

    I wish I could help you because I know how upsetting it can be.  Unfortunately I don't know more than what you do, it seems.

    Have you got any old emails stored?  You could easily get many addresses off those.

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    JonahLynposted 2 years ago

    You can use Recovery Toolbox for Address Book is a great way to retrieve contacts from corrupted Windows Address Books (files with *.wab extension). These files are used by Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express email clients. The loss of such documents means, that all business and personal contacts (email addresses, phone numbers, mailing addresses and other information) will be lost, too. This program gives you a chance for the successful recovery of all contact information, stored in wab files, without the assistance of 3rd party services. Make sure, that it is as easy, as advertised, we're ready to provide the demo version of Recovery Toolbox for Address Book absolutely for free.

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