Microsoft Word and file opening issue

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    dextermccallposted 2 years ago

    Microsoft Word and file opening issue

    Windows 7 Home with MS Office 2007 installed.  The issue is specific to WORD.  If we open the WORD application and then navigate to a file, the file opens OK.  If on the other hand, we navigate to a file, we get an error message...."There was a problem sending the command to the program."  I've already researched the web for answers and tried 3 different solutions offered to no avail.  We did a repair via the Office CDs and that did not fix the problem. 

    Any ideas on how to solve this one will be appreciated.

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    jaydonfullerposted 2 years ago

    Six methods for recovering corrupted word file...

    Close all open Word windows and restart Word

    Use the Task Manager to close every Word window that is open. When you restart Word, a pane will appear on the left side that will list all of the files that were lost without being saved. Select the file you are missing from the list to open it and save it.

    Search for the original document

    Click the Start menu button and enter the document file name into the Search field. In Windows 8, start typing the file name while on the Start Screen, and then select Files in the menu on the right.
    You can search for every Word document on your computer by entering *.doc (Word 2003 and earlier) or *.docx (Word 2007 and later) into the Search.

    Look for the backup files

    If you have backups enable in Word, you can look for the backup file for the document you are missing. In Word, click File and then select Open. In the “Files of type” menu, select All Files.
    -Navigate to the folder that your document was last saved in. Select the backup file and click Open.
    -You can also search your entire computer for Word backup files by entering *.wbk into Windows Search.

    Manually search for the Auto Recover files

    If no files appear in the left pane when you start Word, you can manually search through the Auto Recover files. In Word 2010, click the File menu and select Recent. At the bottom of the menu, select Recover Unsaved Documents. Browse for your file.
    For all other versions of Word, search the computer for *.asd files, using the same method as Step 3.

    Search for temporary files

    Besides Auto Recover and backup files, you may be able to find your document in your computer’s temporary files folder. Search for *.tmp files. The file won’t be named the same as the original document, so browse through the list of results until you find the last date and time that you edited the document.
    Temporary Word files also typically start with ~, so search for that as well.
    When you find a temporary Word file you may need to repair it via Open&Repair function.

    Helpful sources/knowledge which might useful in case your problem cant be solved by usual methods...

    http://itknowledgeexchange.techtarget.c … dard-2010/ … -word-2003 Recovery Toolbox for Word