On YouTube, is 'vlogging' still relevant? What are your favourite YouTube channe

  1. AndrewHil93 profile image44
    AndrewHil93posted 2 years ago

    On YouTube, is 'vlogging' still relevant? What are your favourite YouTube channels and why?

    I'm slipping back into the YouTube community and I was wondering, as things have changed since I was a kid in 2007 when I first started watching YouTube... is video blogging still relevant?

    What are your favourite YouTube Channels?

  2. thranax profile image50
    thranaxposted 2 years ago

    Vlogging only works under circumstances that normally revolve around being popular for something already on youtube. If you just randomly vlog you will get no views, no subs, nothing unless its something that has to be vlogged overtime and that you can be famous for. An example is a long term skill trial, like cooking all of Julia Childs recipes in her cookbook. (This was a movie called Julie and Julia.)

    Otherwise most vlogs I see that have a ton of views is people who have massive community followings with devoted fans that actually like the people and not the peoples actions only. Like Mumbo Jumbo from Minecraft for instance, he gets tons of subs and views on his minecraft content, and he tried vlogging so people could see what he looks like, otherwise it didnt add any content and didnt help with why I started watching him, for minecraft related activities. Another famous vlogger who does vlog all the time is the Runescape player "NightmareRH" and you can tell by the first 20 seconds of any vlog why people watch him.