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How to recover a corrupt Microsoft Excel file

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    richardchaposted 2 years ago

    How to recover a corrupt Microsoft Excel file

    Accidently I deleted my user profile along which all my data in the desktop and profile documents got lost. My support guy did restore the files of the profile using a recovery tool. But I found that some office files (Excel,Word and Powerpoint) open up but others dont. For example the corrupt powerpoint file doesnot open up with a message that "The selected file does not appear to be a valid Microsoft Office PowerPoint file". Whereas in Excel the file opens but displays junk value. Can somebody help me repair these files as they are critical. I can mail the excel and ppt file if required.

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    canjackposted 2 years ago

    The reason why you cannot recover the corrupt Excel or Word files because these files do not contain any valid Excel or Word data at all. I have reviewed your Word document and find it contains some XML data and some looks like a scheme from an EXE file.

    The reason is the restore process performed by your support guy. Actually when you delete your profile and documents, your support guy may be using a bad data recovery tool, which does recover the file names, however, the tool just put some garbage data inside a so called Word document and make you believe the Word document is recovered. However, the recovered Word document actually does not contain any valid data at all. This is the pitfall of many data recovery products in the market. They recover files and put some unrelated stuff inside it so even after the file is "recovered", you still cannot use it.

    If the tool used by your support guy has not read on your hard disk drives(that is, the tool is performing a read-only recovery, which is the good practise and requirements of a solid data recovery program), then you can try another data recovery tool to see if you data can be recovered or not.

    You can try  Excel Repair Toolbox on any computer in the local area network, it is the fastest way out, resolving the damage of XLS documents.

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    Larry Craigposted 2 years ago

    Get  Excel Recovery is the best utility to resolve all the corruption issues of .XLS/.XLSX files and recover everything like chartsheets, charts, worksheets, cell comments, and other data in MS Excel new black file. To know more details visit:     http://www.softmagnat.com/excel-recovery.html

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    Victor Varelaposted 2 years ago

    Best Excel File Rrecovery software utility to resolve all the corruption issues of .XLS/.XLSX files and recover everything like chartsheets, charts, worksheets, cell comments, and other data in MS Excel new black file. This software works on each and every Excel version like that-: 97/2000/2002(XP)/2003/2007/2010 and 2013.

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    alexsbutlerposted 2 years ago

    You can also use Kernel for Excel repair tool. The tool repairs or restores corrupt Excel files accurately. The tool provides multiple Excel files recovery in just one click of mouse. using this tool you can restore all objects including in your Excel sheet. For more information visit here : http://www.recovery.excelrepair.org

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    Melvingreggposted 23 months ago

    You can go with Recoveryfix for Excel repair software for repairing corrupted Excel files. This is an advanced software to repair corrupt Microsoft Excel files and make them accessible without any data loss. This tool also allows you to use free trial version. To know more and download free demo version of this tool visit here:- http://www.repairxlsfile.repairexcel.org

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    Datarepairtoolsposted 18 months ago

    Get an possible result by Trying the third party Excel repair tool. the Software repairs the corrupt Excel workbooks and make the accessible with all data. It saves the repair excel file in the new file format without any data loss. read more:- https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/how-repa … ngus-brown