How open crashed email and address book contacts?

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    georgwestermarkposted 2 years ago

    How open crashed email and address book contacts?

    I have a .pst file from Outlook 2003 but no outlook 2003 installation (the mainboard died and I have the hard drive). I have a new computer with Win8 and Outlook 2007 installed. I can open the .pst to see old mail and contacts but I cannot see the address book for e-mail addresses. I want the contacts moved into the Outlook 2007 as well as the address book. How can I do that without being able to export using Outlook 2003?

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    eivinlienposted 2 years ago

    You pst file, containing your emails and contacts, will be found at:
    Enable "Show hidden files" to see it. If Windows will not repair the installation you can reinstall Windows 7, selecting Upgrade as the option. This would preserve your installed programs, data and settings, but you would need to reinstall all updates. This assumes your drive and system are good and not infected. Read more information here … r-crash-1/