Do I have a corrupt deleted forder? What do I do?

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    eliaschaveraposted 2 years ago

    Do I have a corrupt deleted forder? What do I do?

    I can no longer delete any messages from my Inbox.
    I can point and read messages. I can also move messages to other folders but not the deleted folder.
    Can you help?

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    princemilesposted 2 years ago

    You may use following steps below or if nothing helps including the guide, make use of Outlook Express Repair Toolbox
    1.    Close Outlook Express, if it is open, by clicking the "x" button in the upper-right corner of the main window or clicking "Exit" in the "File" menu.

    2.    Double-click the "Recycle Bin" icon on the desktop. Look in the list of deleted items for the "inbox.bak" file. Right-click the file and click "Restore." Note the location under the "Original Location" column. Windows will restore the inbox.bak file to that folder.

    3.    Launch Windows Explorer from the "Accessories" folder in the Start menu or double-click the "My Computer" icon. Click through the folders until you arrive at the Outlook Express mail folder where the inbox.bak has been restored.

    4.    Make sure you browse to the correct Windows global user identification number, which is unique for each Outlook Express profile (if there is more than one). You will see it as a long string of numbers in curly brackets like this: {1234567890}.

    5.    Check if there is a file in that folder named "inbox.dbx." If there is, right-click the file, then drag and drop it to the desktop or another folder. Click "Move." You need to do this or you will be unable to rename the inbox.bak file to an Outlook Express mail folder.

    6.    Right-click the inbox.bak file. Click "Rename" in the menu. Replace "bak" with "dbx" to restore it as a mail folder.

    7.    Launch Outlook Express again. The old inbox should now be restored. You can safely delete the other inbox.dbx if you are sure the restoration has been successful.