Microsoft Outlook 2010 address book folder/ file moved or deleted

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    susanskilinposted 2 years ago

    Microsoft Outlook 2010 address book folder/ file moved or deleted

    When I try to access my Address Book on Microsoft Outlook when making a new email , I get a message saying "the address list cannot be displayed. The Contacts Folder Associated with this address list could not be opened;
    it may have been moved or deleted, or you do not have permissions. For information on how to remove this folder from the outlook address book, see Microsoft Outlook Hep". Can someone help me on how to restore it if possible. Thanks Wm

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    Thief12posted 2 years ago

    Several questions...

    Is everything else working on your Outlook? Is it still online and able to send emails?

    Can you access the Address Book from any other place? using the Address Book button on the Ribbon?

    Have you checked if the Address Book window is set properly? I mean, in the Address Book window, check the drop-down under Address Book to make sure the proper option is selected.

    The Address Book is supposed to be linked to your account, but you can add, delete, or change it from your Account Settings. Go to the File tab, in Info click Account Settings. In the Account Settings window, go to the Address Book tab to see if the Address Book is there. If it isn't and it is a corporate account, your IT department can help you retrieve it.

    If there isn't anything there and this is a personal account, you can always try to add it. Outlook will bring up a Wizard/Search that might help you locate the Address Book if it is still in your computer.

    Good luck!

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    yazuphrainposted 2 years ago

    I have Outlook 2010 version After looking at the manual version of the fix you sent me it scared me off trying, just tried the button fix, as I am not that well versed on computer things and it got a bit complicated for my head. I have recently done two things that may or may not be the cause of losing some of address book pst files (1) upgrading to windows 8.1 pro from win 8. (2) I copied my files to save onto external hard drive in case of loss (Ironically). Thanks for your suggestion about technical help, but I fear to expensive for me many thanks for your time for now anyway
    See if Repair Tool can fix the problem..........