WinRar."invalid or corrupt authenticity information"

  1. Tom Howe profile image59
    Tom Howeposted 2 years ago

    WinRar."invalid or corrupt authenticity information"

    I have recently downloaded some  large files which are
    RAR  files. I tried to extract them and I get the error message,
    "invalid or corrupt authenticity information". They took me a long time to find and
    download. who knows how to stop this error??


  2. Sacha Boudon profile image60
    Sacha Boudonposted 2 years ago

    1.OpenWinrar from start menu.
    2.Browse to the corrupted rar file.
    3.Inwinrar address bar enter the corrupted rar path,
    select the corrupt rar file.
    4. From winrar menu bar click 'Repair'.
    5. a new rar file with prefix 'fixed' will be created.
    6. Rename the fixed rar file to the original corrupt rar file name.
    7. Now extract and you should have your content without any errors out of RAR files.
    If you are still experiencing the issue after you can try  RAR Fix Toolbox