Which language is likely to be more dominant in the future to develop software -

  1. Sakshi Davessar profile image68
    Sakshi Davessarposted 2 years ago

    Which language is likely to be more dominant in the future to develop software - Java or Javascript

  2. vincentjardin profile image75
    vincentjardinposted 2 years ago

    Java is currently ranking No 1 on nearly all charts, with JavaScript in the top 5 most of the time.

    JavaScript is most definitely still rising and is nowhere near peaking. Many frameworks are using JavaScript on the server-side level, which is contributing to the possibility of JavaScript challenging Java, C#, etc.

    What's been lacking up until 2015 is that JavaScript engines just don't seem to be fast enough, but I believe that problem will be resolved in 2016, especially with Microsoft Edge showing off some serious performance.

    To give my honest opinion, I feel that while both are very important right now, JavaScript will ultimately win this battle. The great news is that the syntax for both languages are very similar to each other. It's extremely worthwhile learning and mastering both as they'll be primarily used for many up and coming innovative solutions.

  3. Freesoftwaresweb profile image42
    Freesoftwareswebposted 2 years ago

    JavaScript will be big on FrontEnd of course
    ROR/PHP is good for prototyping, small scale
    .NET/Java is very heavy in Enterprise or anything that is moving up scale ladder, Go I heard is up and coming here
    Scala I've never used but I heard it's great for Data Heavy applications
    Let's not forget C/C++ for processor intensive tasks (image processing anyone? Lol)
    Python is kinda universal, good for almost everything

    The big thing to realize is that each language is best in their own right
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