MS Project 2010

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    adrielcoffeyposted 2 years ago

    MS Project 2010

    MS Project 2010, we are actively used "local" graphics that lead users. These charts usually lie in the My Documents users (a network folder). Some graphs are in SharePoint catalog, but also in the MPP-files.

    For some time now, the local graphics were used more actively. Moreover, the problems began. Very often, normally saved and closed MPP-file is not re-opened. Those. People worked night, save the file; Project closed and turned off the computer. On the morning of the file does not open. We reach a file from the backup of the night - not open.

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    angellarsonposted 2 years ago

    Other solutions are to recover from backup. Open on another machine with Project or repair the User Profile. It may be corrupt. If you can log in with another username to the PC and try to open the file.


    1] Go t File --> Options --> Trust Center --> click on Trust Center Settings --> Select the option "Allow loading files with legacy or non-default file formats" and try opening the file.

    2] Open a blank project and try inserting the problematic file and try opening it.

    Another method might be applied in case severe .mpp corruption MPP Open File Tool