Powerpoint error when opening 2.5MB .ppt file

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    dwaynebattleposted 2 years ago

    Powerpoint error when opening 2.5MB .ppt file

    I have a .ppt document that I am trying to open up in Powerpoint 2003.  When I open the file Powerpoint opens up but this error message pops up: "Powerpoint can't create the storage required for an inserted or linked object."  If you click OK the .ppt document does not open but Powerpoint loads with a gray background.  Any help would be great.  I looked up the error on EE and I googled it and cannot find a single entry about it.

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    reedsloanposted 2 years ago

    You will need Office 2003 (with compatibility pack) and Office 2010.
    1. Open the Powerpoint presentation in Powerpoint 2003.
    2. Once you have the presentation opened in Powerpoint 2003, save it as a Powerpoint 2007 presentation.
    3. Open the presentation using Powerpoint 2010.  You may get some error prompts (you can ignore).  Click on save as, and save it as a Powerpoint 2010 presentation.  Close it.
    4. Now open it again using Powerpoint 2010, you should be able to work on it without any issues.

    Not the most elegant solutions but they also worked for me...
    http://itknowledgeexchange.techtarget.c … oint-file/
    http://www.answerbag.com/polls/corrupt- … le_3246033 - where you can get a lot of helpful tips about MS PowerPoint corruption documents
    https://www.repairtoolbox.com/powerpointrepair.html PowerPoint Repair Toolbox - one of the effective PowerPoint recovery tools with free demo version

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    sharma mukeshposted 2 years ago

    try to save this file as .pps instead of .ppt