OpenERP - A Web based ERP solution for Small Businesses

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    o2sconsultantposted 8 years ago

    ERP is a software which would suit all the management and financial reports customized to the company needs. A full completed software in all aspects.

    ERP is package software solution that addresses the needs of an organization by tightly integrating the various  functions of an organization using a process view of the  organization.  Many of the processes implemented in an ERP software are core processes such as sales order processing, Minimum order
    fulfillment, shipping, invoicing, BOM processing, purchase order processing, preparation of Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss statement etc., that are common to all industry segments.

    Many of the small and medium business people are using stand alone accounting packages. When it comes to a complete management other than just accounting, and when the various kind of reporting plays a major role of controlling the business, and accessibility of the information by the authority from any where through the Internet, ERP plays a very big role.

    Some of the commonly says key factors are mentioned below

    ERP can be access through web browser. It can be installed in a central server and accessed from all your far-off locations. So it need not be installed in each of the location separately.

    You don't need to synchronize data from different locations on a daily basis. Up-dates are online in our software.

    You can schedule automation back-up everyday. You don't need any separate human intervention.

    It is ERP Operations software which has accounting entries of data.

    It has a robust RDBMS (from Microsoft) and can hold huge of data.

    ERP software can be used, not only by accountings, but mainly by operations people:
    -Like sales ill use for sales orders, dispatch, invoicing, pricing, etc.
    -Purchase will use for PO, supplier 7 pricing analysis.
    -Stores will use for receiving & issuing goods.
    -Production will use for making work order, BOM, daily
    production, etc.
    -Accounts will use for receipts, payments, JV's, etc.
    -Management will use for daily & Periodical MIS reports &

    All accounting entries will automatically flow these operations.

    ERP is a Multi Org Architecture Application and when Accessibility and managing the details of Multiple branches web based  ERP application help you a lot.

    There are ERP applications available which is widely used and more faster and reliable. The very attractive points about it are they are very Affordable, Easy to Use. And you NO NEED to PAY huge amount for license.

    All you need to do is just find a good firm to support you to use the ERP and the software is yours

    Wants to know more about this, please put your comments here.

    If you want to get the details of web based ERP experts, please contact us.

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      chinweikeposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      You don't have to reproduce your hub here. This is a forum for sharing ideas.
      All the same, welcome to hub pages. Nice hub you have got there