Is amazon mechanical turk safe?

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    HotCrockPotposted 14 months ago

    Is amazon mechanical turk safe?

    Every HIT is asking for residential address before we accept. Why is it so? I read that legit HITs don't ask for your personal info. I gave fake and incomplete address and pressed accept HIT. The next page is a Thank you page from amazon saying I would receive an email.

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    tamarawilhiteposted 14 months ago

    I live in the US, and I've never had a HIT ask me for my address unless they were asking me to sign up for something (which is a violation of Amazon rules).
    Check your account information. Does it correctly identify where you live? Some HITS are limited to people only in the US or Canada and exclude China, India, etc. If the country in your address was accidentally set to Azerbijan, then the system may be confused and asking for this verification.
    If your address is correct, contact Amazon tech support for help.

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    HotCrockPotposted 14 months ago

    Thanks, Tamara!

    I live in the US too. My address is saved n my amazon account. The first time I tried to accept a HIT, it asked me whether to use the current address on the account or use a new address. As I wasn't sure who was asking for the address - amazon or the merchant, I didn't chose the available address and instead gave a fake name and an incomplete address. The next page was a thank you page from amazon with the information that my account is being reviewed. Just a while ago, I tried an another HIT and this time, I was told, my account is under review. It looks like I messed up. sad