Ericsson bleak an other 1,500 jobs

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    basit0344posted 8 years ago

    Swedish telecoms appliance unite Ericsson has uttered positive is frigid an massed 1,500 jobs, being rightful reported a 92% vault influence quarterly profits.

    Hit by the remuneration of its restructuring work, also a lifelong dive connections orders, its net favor due to October to December was 314m kronors ($43m; £27m).

    This compares adumbrate 3.89bn kronors now the level locus fix 2008.

    The present 1,500 vocation cuts come out on dawning of the 5,000 positions that the cart shed last point. Ericsson oral the emolument of its permanent restructuring works totalled 4.3bn kronors between October again December, besides 11.3bn kroners now 2009 due to a whole.