Facebook: Predators Playground

  1. KC3Lady profile image58
    KC3Ladyposted 4 years ago

    If you have been online for a number of years you know a site can be booming then suddenly another one rises in its place. Do you think it is time for Facebook to be replaced by something else that is more secure, better managed, and not so ripe with predators (even though law enforcement may have to do their jobs someday for any site to be more secure).

    Have you signed into your Facebook account while the hackers were at it so that the options of their hacking programs appeared on your screen, such as Yahoo link options to send an email, switch out photos, backdate postings?

    Has you Facebook content or even page creation date been redated, (such as changed to reflect the date of birth of your child for identity thieves), and switched out, in our case in order that predators might claim rights apparently, as well as our Facebook page being above the fold in the Google search results for it's keywords.

    Have your photos been edited?

    Have your like and share buttons been hacked off?

    Have you noticed as with perpetrating entities who have you rattle off all of your personal information in excess under the guise of protecting your account that uploading a birth certificate or driver's license is excessive?

    Do you think that a company the size of Facebook might put better protection in place?

    Have you noticed your Facebook page being run through a server outside the United States, such as Ireland, I believe it was, which was at the time a suspicion of getting around the FBI. Also noting that in the past our government made arrangements with Canada for them to listen to telephone conversations of our citizens and us for them, in order to circumvent law.

    Should the burden be left to individuals for security or does this last frontier need to be better protected for the consumer or user?

    Have you blocked predators from your awareness raising Facebook page only to have it ripped off and all of the predators and troublemakers unblocked?

    Have you noticed in insights a sudden appearance of usual activity, such as groups of people coming in then blocking all posts? Leaving harassing fake emails to waste your time? And other annoyances that are also ranking signals.

    Have you noticed that when you outrank the online cyberstalking thieves and perverts that they just rip your account off and do whatever the hell they damn well please?
    Have you noticed your memes not linking back to your Facebook page when they were your original creations, but appearing in the search results linking else where, often Pinterest?

  2. KC3Lady profile image58
    KC3Ladyposted 4 years ago

    Note the statement regarding the thought that this was to get around the FBI was due to typing a known keyword that is generally thought to be picked up and reviewed, since even the FBI and KBI websites were being hacked at three Johnson County, Kansas Public Libraries while trying to report around stalkers and hackers. The documentation on this situation has been lost due to the lackadaisical at best attitude of law enforcement for stalking victims.


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