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    dwisantikuposted 7 years ago

    Web 2.0 is a complete web application super-Yan brings various social institutions. While SEO for Web 2.0 is also necessary for the elements of social media to take. The social networking sites Facebook, LinkedIn, Bebo, YouTube, FriendFeed, Twitter and similar sites are only one aspect. If you build it, do the fans do not necessarily come. You need a good reason why they should be members of the community that forms. More importantly, you need a reason to click on the link that you send to attract attention. Only after that can benefit from a network that is built according to discuss web marketing. Twitter is a good example of how the network effect “will be profitable. Dell has made a profit of over $ 3,000,000 after using Twitter to announce deals costumernya communicate.

    Link bait is another Modern SEO techniques have also a social aspect. With the publication of content that appeals to someone else, you have basically encouraging people to your site. Good content will become viral in a matter of hours. Ment readers know contacts, information network, said the content on your website and others. This is how nature is established and useful way to link a campaign to begin.

    The other important aspect of SEO is defined as “the long tail.” Terminology has been popularized by Chris Anderson, editor in chief of Wired magazine, and is used for the unique niche strategy for companies that sell products in large quantities to describe. As you can see, this is not directly attributable to the SEO. But as the terminology and the SEO SEO is a strategy used to using key words in length Lighthouse (usually consisting of five words per sentence) to be defined.