Blog format or website?

  1. Bill Manning profile image74
    Bill Manningposted 7 years ago

    I have made several websites with Wordpress. By that I mean it's a full site with the front page a static real home page and other pages within it.

    I then just have a link to the blog section, where I have different categories for the blog post. I am in the process of making a general pet website/blog using wordpress.

    The question is, should I leave the homepage as a blog, with just my latest blog post showing, and have a list of pages for my pet pages in the sidebar?

    Or should I make the home page a real page, and then a link to my pet blog categories and pages? I'm trying to make it a full site filled with pet information and so on.

    It is purely for making money. So I will have adsense, affiliate products, even a store inside. So what should the front be, a static page or blog format? smile

  2. Ultimate Hubber profile image63
    Ultimate Hubberposted 7 years ago

    A static page. Just my opinion!

    1. Bill Manning profile image74
      Bill Manningposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      Thanks for your reply. I have heard that a blog often goes up and down because of the changing post on the home page. So if you do good SEO and make the home page a static one, you should be able to keep it up there good.

      Many will come in through your post, hopefully. So they should still see many of your blog post. I know many tell me they hate blogs and if they just see a page full of post they click back out fast.

      So by having a static home page I can keep those kind, yet still have a blog for those who like them, plus SEO per post of course. smile