how to speed up yourcomputer

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    eduardelfposted 7 years ago

    Try to speed up your slow computer

    A computer is one of the best machine or stuff that human race has invented.
    This machine is a huge help to us especially to this present generation where everything is modernized and Easy to access.
    If you own a computer set on of the most common problems. You will encounter it the future is having a slow computer whether it�s for uploading your file downloading important details you want to have. So try to have a great computer now by simply speeding up your system. Here are some lists of ideas and advices that you can use in order for you to speed up your computer.   

    -make sure your hard drive memory is sufficient. Mostly our computer system slows because of the heavy applications or programs that we installed on it. You must make sure that your hardware is in good condition. Try also to compress the files you have, it will surely free some memory of your hard drive. Make sure that you also clear the unused files in your system to save up some memory too.

    -scan your computer from viruses, spyware and adware ther are lots of developers that produces applications or programs for you to scan your files. One of the reasons why the computer is slow is due to the viruses� and spywares that your file contains which you are not aware. Make sure that when you download or upload files to your computer system you must scan them first to avoid viruses and spywares that might harm your computer system.

    -some reasons why the computer is slow is because of the errors that are on your system you can also try to search for reasons and get back to the last details you have uploaded or downloaded before your computer system becomes slow. By this way you will have the idea on how to fix and what are the ways to prevent this computer error in the future.

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