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Best electronics domain key words?

  1. Bill Manning profile image74
    Bill Manningposted 6 years ago

    I'm going to go and start ONE more website! This one will be a giant electronics site. Inside the site I will break it down into many sub-categories like cell phones, digital cameras, etc,,,

    I'm trying to find a good domain name that has the key words in it. But it occurred to me I don't know what the main keyword would be?

    I mean, we all know that "electronics" is where you find cell phones, computers and the thousands of other things like that.

    But how many actually use the word while searching? I've never in my life used the word "electronics" while searching for something.

    So what is the best two or three key words that describe a general electronics site?? hmm

  2. Susana S profile image95
    Susana Sposted 6 years ago

    I don't know Bill, but I think if you got the words "best" and/or "review" in the domain name it would help.

    1. Bill Manning profile image74
      Bill Manningposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      "bestelectronicsreviews" There you go, surely that domain name has not been taken yet!  lol

      But yeah, those are good words to include. I'll start hunting, I think it's going to be hard finding a good name when dealing with electronics,,,, hmm

  3. livewithrichard profile image85
    livewithrichardposted 6 years ago

    When it comes to selling electronics online I think you should concentrate on building a brand, which means building up a reliable and large social network.  Your social network will help with brand recognition and bring you daily sales but the network has to be large.

    I'm building secondary Facebook and Twitter accounts and before I launch my brand Facebook will have 5000 friends (i'm half way there in less than 2 weeks) and a fanpage with at least 50,000 members.  The Twitter account will have at least 10,000 followers (I'm a quarter of the way there in less than 2 weeks).  With daily updates to the fanpage and twitter accounts, and 99% of followers ignoring the updates, that will still leave 600 daily visits to my offer and even if it only converts at 1% then that leaves me 6 sales a day.  I expect to have the numbers I need for my launch by the end of January. 

    My point is, it's not about the name anymore, its all about the numbers.

    I think I'll soon create a hub discussing how I'm achieving this and how it can be easily replicated.

    1. Bill Manning profile image74
      Bill Manningposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      Welllll, I think this is one area I will have to respectfully disagree with you. I think it's the quality of the traffic that makes sales, not the quantity.

      I will take 500 hits per day of targeted traffic over 10,000 hits a day of general traffic any day. I've had sites that got 3,000 uniques of general traffic a day.

      My other one with under 200 hits a day with targeted traffic always got more sales. Social traffic converts very poorly. Your just using up your bandwidth and slowing down your speed with people who will never buy.

      But to each his/her own, if it works for you then go for it. It's just not my way of doing things. smile

      1. livewithrichard profile image85
        livewithrichardposted 6 years agoin reply to this

        I only agree on the targeted traffic. You misinterpreted my suggestion.  By building your BRAND you ARE sending targeted traffic to your offers.  I have no intention of even building the Fanpage until I have a big enough social network to support it.  The Fanpage is where you will get your targeted traffic. 

        I totally agree that targeted traffic is way more important than general traffic.  You and I both know that by relying on keywords to drive traffic will require a major backlinking effort.  There is no better way to get relevant backlinks than to have your social network make them for you.  I would rather spend a hundred hours building a social network that will continue to have viral growth than to spend a hundred hours building backlinks that may or may not give you a boost against your competition.

        Give me a couple days and I'll have the hub produced that will give better examples of the methods I describe.

        1. Bill Manning profile image74
          Bill Manningposted 6 years agoin reply to this

          Oh okay, I see what your saying now. Yeah that makes sense.  smile