The First Ever This is Oli Webinar - Q&A Session!

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    thisisoliposted 7 years ago

    I have recently decided that one thing I really, really, need to do is improve my public speaking.  I have been offered several speaking positions now from a small spot at a client's conference, all the way up to Affiliate Summit.  The problem is my public speaking skills are to put it bluntly, attrocious. I need to stop mumbling, get organized and be prepared to answer questions!

    To help remedy this a little I have decided to host the first ever This is Oli webinar exclusive to hubbers.  Rather than read from a script it will be an open ended Q&A session so I have to think (and talk) on my feet. 

    This Webinar will be a great way for new and old hubbers alike to discuss internet marketing and SEO with me in person.  This will be scheduled later this week, probably friday, around 7-8 central time.

    Due to the limits of the free gotomeeting trial I have only 15 spots available (Maybe 14 if it includes me) so please contact me with your email I you are interested in talking to me first hand about Search Engine Optimization. You might just learn something, and hopefully I will start to overcome my inability to talk coherently in public!

    I will try to stay away from demonstrating techniques or ways of finding information which require you to buy software, I may need to do this on some occasions though, ie. when explaining link trust showing you some of the data from the pro version of SEOMoz may help. For the most part I will try and advise you how to keep on top of your SEO methods for free, which is highly important to new people to Hubpages!

    I would like to get a mix of people in to the Q&A session, so if any experienced hubbers have a question as well as some of the new Hubpages members, it would be nice to have a broad spectrum of questions!

    I will stay on the webinar as long as is appropriate, and if the list fills up but people would still like to talk to me I may create a reserves list so if one person leaves, another can join.

    (P.S. if a Hubpages staff member would like to join in I would be happy to keep a spot free, it might help if I get any strictly technical Hubpages questions!)

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    thisisoliposted 7 years ago

    Weird, the topic was moved?

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    thisisoliposted 7 years ago

    Man, I guess I should have sold this a little better!

    There are currently two sign ups, 12 spots left, hoping to get at least 10 people in to make this worthwhile!