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Twitter....Where Will It Be in Five Years?

  1. thaivalentine profile image59
    thaivalentineposted 6 years ago

    Facebook is a social media site that is evolving and I see more and more business pages created for Facebook, so corporate america is buying in.  On he other hand, Twitter seems more like a fad to me.  I recognize there are businesses that have promoted deals and sales to great success, yet it seems to me that Twitter will be dead in five years - any thoughts.

    1. Stephen Crowley profile image61
      Stephen Crowleyposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      With Twitter expanding and becoming harsher and harsher on dealing with spam, i think its less subjective to say that twitter will go from strength to strength. Also, twitter is not about promoting or selling, thats the mistake people make, you have to establish a relationship or locate those interested in your deals. Its no different in that respect from blogging, email marketing and facebook or linkedin. Twitter are closing accounts in droves that are blasting the API with spam and fake accounts. Its how you use the tool that counts. For the same argument, i could say that SEO is a waste of time due to all the autobloggers manipulating SERP results and unknown changing google algorithms, but thats not true either, just a view on why Google is failing to produce for that reason.

  2. carpesomediem profile image59
    carpesomediemposted 6 years ago

    I realy thought Twitter was a fad until I saw what it did in 2009 for the revolution in Iran.  I think it proved an interesting way to get out information instantly.  While Facebook and other sites share information, the way Twitter does seems more instantaneous to me.  I think that's where it's staying power lies.

    1. thaivalentine profile image59
      thaivalentineposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      Thanks for the reply - i think its success is highly industry relevant but your point regarding the revolution is very interesting as I was not aware of that.  It's funny in how people seem so intent on chasing the "flavor of the week" when it comes to social media.  I see small businesses investing in Facebook, Twitter, etc. and few of them have been able to make the cash register ring