Google chrome take on Microsoft IE.

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  1. netcrawl profile image61
    netcrawlposted 10 years ago

    who gonna win the web war: Google or Microsoft. Google new and only browser, chrome hits the web center stage.  Is this for real? What exactly chrome got?

    1. guidebaba profile image58
      guidebabaposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      Chrome needs Lots of improvement. I used it the First day of release and things got messed up with my passwords.

      As for now IE is the Best and second is Firefox.

  2. Project Mobius profile image60
    Project Mobiusposted 10 years ago

    sorry to say Chrome got nothing to compete in the browser war, after what i've tested. IE8 Beta was junk as well full of bugs and you can't view more than 50% of the webpages now with it either. Lucky there's an option "Compatible View" that will let you view the page just like in IE7, but that's annoying because you have to click it for every instance of IE you open if you want to use it

  3. Junkster profile image61
    Junksterposted 10 years ago

    I installed both around the same time, just to see if either could tempt me away from Firefox and I have to say I love Chrome, the tab management and the underlying goings-on ensures it doesn't crash the whole session.

    IE8 is sluggish, complicated and even the compatability mode does nothing.  Last night was the last straw when all flash vide sites were without sound only in IE8, I know it's beta but I can't help but think it was rushed to compete with the recent FF3 and Chrome.

    Now I have FF3 for work, Chrome for at home and IE for when some sites like Paypal don't recognize Chrome.

  4. dingdong profile image60
    dingdongposted 10 years ago

    Chrome sucks being a beta big_smile

  5. Junkster profile image61
    Junksterposted 10 years ago

    I admit Chrome seems like they turned the Google Simplify engine up to 11 but that's all I want at home.  I don't see how people can think IE is better than Firefox, page rendering times are horrendous with IE8, in fact a good proportion of pages refuse to load outright before the program's even tried rendering.  I don't expect to have to hit F5 every time I open a new link in a tab/window. 

    The main difference between IE7 and IE8 seems to be they've made it clunkier, slower and buggier.  I know it's beta and Microsoft's beta often have a lot of bugs but I guess I'll give it as much a chance as people have given Chrome on here! smile

    I can definitely see me using Chrome full time once they get the teething problems sorted, when it boils down to it I expect Google to have hiccups on it's first time (like how everyone was quick to give apple plenty of leniency when they released the iPhone, a phone three years behind the competition) but Microsoft's IE team basically made *the* home internet browser, they should know how to make something lightweight and quick by now.

  6. profile image48
    Donna18posted 10 years ago

    Sorry to say but Google chrome is way behind Microsoft IE. Still Many years are required to catch up Microsoft web browser. Many internet user are still unaware of this latest web browser.

  7. WHoArtNow profile image84
    WHoArtNowposted 10 years ago

    At the present time, Chrome is too new to really use, but its way better than IE8, that's way to slow and buggy. Get the latest version of firefox (3.1 beta) to see what the best is, its so much faster than anything else, (even firefox 3.0.2)

    There is one thing you should remember about Google Chrome, in theory its the basis for a Google open source operating system. There will be many interesting developments over the next few years thanks to android, chrome and gears and with the resources and cash google have, they are likely to take some huge chucks out of IE users and Firefox users.

  8. Junkster profile image61
    Junksterposted 10 years ago

    They're some important points there WhoArtNow, I agree that Google are definitely one to watch, and I think I heard somewhere that in general most IE users haven't heard of Chrome (even Firefox) and so haven't made a change for the better.

    At least now Chrome is recognized by Paypal so I have one less reason to still use IE, I've rolled back to IE7 as IE8 was a joke.  There have been a few extensions for Firefox that I've used and so now my browser usage is mainly Chrome then Firefox for some pages.

    Bottom line is that for the majority of not so computer literate people Google Chrome is simplified and perfect for their usage, if only they'd learn that there is more than just the browser that came with their machine, same with Safari (although every Apple user I know uses Firefox anyway)

  9. Junkster profile image61
    Junksterposted 10 years ago

    What was the point in that spam roseeda?


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