Does technology hamper our evolution.

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    boilerboy48posted 6 years ago

    We, as an animal have come a long way. We started out being afraid of the dark to lighting up the night. We where afraid to venture too far from the shore for fear of falling off the earth. Now we take flying craft to the outer reaches of our atmosphere. We continue to push the limits of human restrictions. We have now take communication to a new level. What once took months for a letter to travel and deliver news from one person to another, is not instantly transmitted instantly via the net to all who care to read the post. Our need to share ourselves is nothing new. We have fables of off world creatures being able to communicate via telepathy. The question I present to you, if evolution had been allowed to progress unassisted buy the technology of communication, would we have developed the mythical ability to communicate via telepathy? If so, has technology forever hindered our natural ability to communicate on a personal level only the gods can enjoy?

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      Sherlock221bposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      Mankind has developed over millions of years, during most of which we have lived without technology.  If it was possible to develop psychic abilities, we would have done so then.  The fact that we didn't would suggest that such abilities are not possible and modern technology will make no difference.  Where it may make a difference is in our physical development.  Evolution happens in response to changes in environment.  However, we now live in an entirely artificial environment, where our needs are met, and we therefore no longer need to develop.  Our technology may mean the end of evolution.