Multi ADSL Connection - One LAN

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    vir1posted 6 years ago

    Need to setup single LAN using four 3 MB ADSL connction . Number of users will be appox 30 . kindly assist .


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      skearposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      You could set up a multi WAN router using pfSense to handle the task.  If you search for dual wan router you'll find the article I wrote about how to set it up.

      The same principles apply for a quad wan router.

      Basically you're machine would need 5 network cards, 4 for the DSL modems and 1 for the LAN connection.

      Pfsense 2.0 was just released a few weeks ago and has great support for multi wan routers.  The core operating system in pfSense is FreeBSD which is fast and very stable.

      Good luck!