Web Tools For Publishers: An SEO Idea

  1. jacharless profile image80
    jacharlessposted 6 years ago

    So, you know me, the ever-constant thinker, visionary and tech-geek.
    Granted, I am no Page-Brin, Gates, Jobs, Systrom or even Zuck, but have an idea that I think would truly benefit web publishers across many platforms.

    Feedback is Critical
    Getting critical feedback is crucial to any idea -especially technology. And what better way to harvest that critique, than among fellow publishers, right? And if the feedback is as rich, and diverse, as say that of the HP  Religion/Philosophy Forum, one could not ask for anything better.

    The Nutshell:
    A private White Hat SEO site dedicated to Photos/Videos.
    Unlike standard server storage, Pinterest, Picasa or even Flikr {which are generally self-serving, outbound discovery tools} this solution maximizes relevance for inbound discovery. Essentially, it creates a private portfolio, which the user controls, compiles a White Hat solution for all three major engines for greater image SERP. And since 45% of queries are image based -for web & mobile, it makes sense to create such a tool.

    But, wait, there's more...
    The solution then allows for sitemap syndication, further extending visibility  and user-revenue options {Feedburner, Pheedo}. Finally, it greatly reduces Image Farming and provides the user with an Ethical Licensing Option, for individual photos or the entire portfolio. My guess is it could also be applied as an app, like Instagram, where the image is captured, uploaded and the solution applied instantly, making it that much more useful.

    Behind The Madman Well, one main reason from my web-dev experience is photos have a really tough time getting relevance, even though they are the 2nd hottest commodity to publishing online. Here on HP, I know that the way images are stored, it is really impossible to get maximum SERP, without extra text. Same with Wordpress and other platforms. Not to forget security/protection.

    So, what do you publishers think?[/b] Yea or Nay on such a tool and why.
    Humbly yours,

  2. Haunty profile image82
    Hauntyposted 6 years ago

    In simpler and more specific terms?

    1. jacharless profile image80
      jacharlessposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      Hello Haunty.
      Right, simpler and specific.

      The simplest explanation is:
      Pho+eo enables the user to upload, store & organize photos for their pubs.
      They then import-link the images to the specific publication(s) -like hubs, Wordpress, etc. The technology compiles a solution which meets seo guidelines for the Big 3, increasing Image Search Relevance -and possibly contextual/title relevance.

      The user has an additional two options:
      a. syndicate the entire portfolio for increased subscription & revenue generation.
      b. license image use to select publishers.



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