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Free search engine rank check search engine ranking

Updated on March 10, 2009

Free Firefox Rank Checker Extension tool from SEOBook

Would you like to know where your website or WebPages rank in the search results?

You can know check your Google, Microsoft Search Engine results, and Yahoo search engine rankings using Firefox Rank Checker plug-in.

Google (US and international), Microsoft Live search, Yahoo search, and article search.

Seo Books Rank Checker extension for Firefox now allows you to check all of the above.

Introduced publicly on March 31st 2008 Aaron Wall of SEOBook is giving away a free Firefox Rank Checking plug-in which will possibly replace numerous software or paid services!

It's a very helpful tool that beats a lot of the paid stuff hands down.

check search engine rankings

This script dwells on your own system and safeguards your privacy, so you won't run the threat of free internet based services collecting your research data or even spying on you.

The fact also is that it even works in international search, probably its neatest feature. You can also export ranking reports in CSV format so you can study them in Excel or other spreadsheet programs. SEOBook has made a great contribution to the SEO community.

By tracking your websites ranking you’ll be able to:

* Comprehend the process behind search results.

* Algorithmic development, you'll gain more general viewpoints.

* When the relevancy algorithms change, you'll be one of the first to know.

The tool is fairly uncomplicated and easy to use, and because it is so easy to use, the user has the opportunity to gain professional SEO level competitive info

• A - will appear if your page isn't listed in the first top 200.

• By scrolling over the long URLs or keywords that would be omitted in the display, they will appear.

• To verify the position of your page in the search results all you have to do is double click on the URL.

• Through this tool you can personalize your ranking results.

• To turn off the personal ranking, user have to be logged into their Google account through Firefox and click on options in Rank Checker.

The Rank Checker allow a user to ping search engines for information at a slow rate, the recommended delayed ping setting is 2 seconds.

You can one at a time upload a combination of domain name and keywords into the Rank Checker console center. Also an added option is the ability to add multiple keywords that's associated with one domain.

Here are some of the most useful options of Rank Checker:

* International:

A user can choose which international version of the search engine they would like to pull their results from, in the preferences section.

* Presets:

1. Allow you to create and save a set of keywords for later data research.

2. It can separate data from different WebPages, under different categories, very beneficial.

3. From the Rank Checker Console these preset keywords can be saved and opened.

* Tasks Scheduled:

1. Your preset keywords can be schedule to run at a set time.

2. Per your requirements it can be daily, weekly or monthly.

You can activate the scheduled tasks by:

a. On top of the Firefox browser click on 'Tools'.

b. Click on Rank Checker and after that click on Scheduled Tasks.

Finally data generated by Rank Checker can be exported to a spreadsheet CSV file, a very effective yet simple feature of this tool. There is an option in the preset window, to download the history of keywords list to a CSV file, and it shows over time, your keywords ranking changes.

Rank keywords|Search engine rank|Rank websites

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Take a look at this tutorial video which reviews all the great features and tools created by Aaron Wall.

Once your finish click the link below for Download & Installation Instructions.


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    • profile image

      PluT0 9 years ago

      I just found this on the net...

      free all in one search engine tools

    • pguild profile image

      pguild 10 years ago

      This sounds very good. I'm wondering why you didn't post a link to the place where I can download this tool.

      Oops. I did find the link, but it wasn't easy. It might help to put the word DOWNLOAD into the link itself. Links in Hubpages apparently just appear in blue instead of being underlined.