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gOffice ---- An Online Office Suite

Updated on February 15, 2008, by Silveroffice, Inc., provides an online office suite which allows you to quickly create documents via a web browser. Very much like Google's Documents & Spreadsheet, goffice can let you write word documents, spreadsheets, but presentations are under-construction. You can design Business cards and Thank you cards, but other categories such as Restaurant menus, Resumes, Brochures, Newsletters, Invoices, "will be available soon".

To create a Word Document is easy, you type in the browser, choose a letterhead design, then click the 'View Finished Document' tab, and receive a professionally formatted PDF file in a moment, you do not need Adobe Acrobat. It is very interesting that you can print, save, email, fax or mail the document from this site. You leave with an actual PDF or HTML format file that you can save on your local computer, open, read and print even when you are offline, email to others and archive like any other files.

You can fax your document, and it's free! But the free fax service is available to US phone numbers only. I have no friends or relatives in America, so currently I can't be benefited from this. It seems no limit for faxing, but there is a limit for free United States postal mail service, that limit is "one post per week, as this costs us time and money", (faxing doesn't cost them money then?) You can "Keep in touch with people that are not online, worldwide!" I have never tried this function, either. has anybody tried to send mail or postcard through goffice to China, India, or somewhere outside US?

There are something very confusing, though. On homepage, it says, free browser-based online office suite, but when you click to the FAQ (Whenever I am interested in a website, the second thing is always to click their FAQ) , amusingly I find the following FAQ:

Q. Is this site free?

A. No, but it's a very cheap 99 cents per month. It used to be free, and we expected to be acquired by Yahoo, but when that didn't happen we decided to make the site pay for itself in the current term, not just at some eventual future date. We bill you automatically on your credit card just USD 99 cents per month, monthly, so you can cancel after just a month and only be out 99 cents. However, we think you'll love the great quality output of the site and will want to stay a customer.

But when I registered an account, I was not asked to provide my credit card or anything. I am very confused. Really.


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