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Garmin Portable Friction Mount for Your Gamin GPS Unit

Updated on November 2, 2014

GPS navigator system is quite common nowadays and almost everyone that drives in the city would probably have one unit installed in their car. A gps system assures the driver is always on the right path or helping him or her following the best routes and avoiding jam. One of the bestseller brands in the market is none other than Garmin. Garmin has been in the gps industry for more than a decade now and their expertise in this technology truly can't be denied.

After getting a garmin gps navigator, the other thing that you should think of is getting the right mount. There are a few options of gps mount in the market such as the garmin portable friction mount, windshield (window) suction mount, lighter socket mount with charger and dashboard permanent mount. Garmin portable friction mount, as the name suggests is a product of Garmin and so it is definitely made solely for the garmin gps system series.

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Garmin Portable Friction MountGarmin Portable Friction MountGarmin Portable Friction MountGarmin Portable Friction MountGarmin Portable Friction Mount
Garmin Portable Friction Mount
Garmin Portable Friction Mount
Garmin Portable Friction Mount
Garmin Portable Friction Mount
Garmin Portable Friction Mount
Garmin Portable Friction Mount
Garmin Portable Friction Mount
Garmin Portable Friction Mount
Garmin Portable Friction Mount
Garmin Portable Friction Mount

The main factor to consider when getting a garmin mount is either to get a permanent one or a portable one. These both are about the same, the only difference is that the permanent one has an adhesive that allows you to attach the base to the dashboard in a more permanent and secure manner. And so, this mount is not to be taken out from the car as you wish, it sticks to the dashboard permanently and you will have to buy new adhesive if you wish to move it to another car.

On the other hand, a Garmin portable friction mount is the type of mount where you can bring it along when you switch car. Moving this mount is hassle free as all you need to do is just place it on the dashboard and you are done.

The bottom surface of the Garmin portable friction mount is made of ‘grippy’ or ‘resistance’ material that will make it stay put even when the vehicle is moving fast or on an unstable road. Portable friction mount is definitely suitable for people who switch car most of the time. Just bring the mount along when driving different car.

Details about this garmin portable friction mount:

  • it has an attachment arm that connects directly to the gps system unit
  • it is compatible with garmin nuvi series GPS navigators and StreetPilot c5XX series
  • adjustable to position your gps unit in variety of angles
  • does not slide or detach when the vehicle is in motion
  • the best place to place your gps unit is on the dashboard as it won't block or steal your driving views.
  • it comes with a one full year of limited warranty against any defect
  • best of all, it ships in Amazon frustration free packaging

A satisfied user of garmin portable friction mount states that;

"Not only that it stayed put exactly where it was placed on my dashboard during normal drive, it also did not move during one near accident incident. On one of the many highways that we traveled, there was a car accident ahead and everyone in my lane slammed on the brakes. Now, mind you, we were all traveling at approximately 60-65 miles per hour. I'm most happy to report that we didn't collide with anyone. Amazingly, the friction mount and my Nuvi didn't move an inch."

This is a paraphrase version of the review done by Mary Chrapliwy which you can read in full here: Garmin Portable Friction Mount Reviews.

Garmin Portable Friction Mount - Frustration Free Packaging
Garmin Portable Friction Mount - Frustration Free Packaging

The above video review if for this piece of Gamin Portable Friction Mount. This is the highest rated garmin friction mount on Amazon, over 3,200 people gave it a five stars!



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