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How to See Satellite Views in Google Maps

Updated on December 11, 2013

Google Maps is one of the widely used online tools in Internet. I've found that there are many Internet users who do not use it to its fullest potential. Apart from exploring street map, you can get satellite map of any geographical location of this planet with the help of this powerful online mapping tool. The way Google Maps Satellite imagery is getting popular among online users, it is not difficult to imagine that one day Google maps will let us to take virtual tours to the surface of distant planets such as Mars or Venus.

How to get Satellite View in Google Maps?

To see satellite images in Google maps you need nothing but a click to a tab called “satellite”. Once you go to and click in the right side tab called “satellite”- Google will start loading the satellite images into your computer. And by clicking the location name or city name specified in the map you can see the satellite view of that place.One thing is to remember is that Google maps is not all about satellite views. In fact there are four types of direction modes available in Google maps , which will give you all the necessary direction on how to reach a particular place. You can get direction for going to a place by the following four means:

  1. By car
  2. By public transport
  3. By walking
  4. By cycling

google maps satellite
google maps satellite

For example you want to see the satellite-map view from California Street, San Francisco, CA,USA to California Tennis Club and you want go there by car. For getting a complete satellite view of your area, you need to take a look at the right hand side of your Google map;there you will find a tab called “get direction.” Just below that tab you will see two boxes –‘A’ and ‘B’. In box ‘A’ type the name of the place where you’re right now and on the box ‘B’ type the destination where you want to reach by a car. Additionally, if you want to avoid highways or tolls in your journey, then just click the “option” menu-right below the box B-where you can select an alternate route to avoid any highway or toll in the way to your destination. Next, you click the “get direction box”- grey colored, just below box B.This is all you have to do to get the complete route map including the distances and estimated time required to reach California street.

Note:Google Satellite Maps also provides a complete route guide for going to a place by walking, by public transport or by cycling.

Try out the Satellite View of the Statue of Liberty, New York in the Google Maps Below

Statue of Liberty, New York, 11231:
Statue of Liberty, New York, NY 11231, USA

get directions

Just scroll your mouse forward or keep pressing the "+" mark on the top left to see the Statue of Liberty more clearly.

google map satellite imagery
google map satellite imagery

How old Google Maps Satellite Images are?

There is no difference between Google Earth Satellite images and Google Maps satellite images-both of the tools use the same image database to show you the satellite view of Earth. Normally, the satellite images you see in Google Maps are one to three years old. Though Google is continuously trying to update their collection of image database, they do not provide any information about any their image updates.Only the major changes or updates in Google maps are published at Google‘s official blog:

Access Methods to Google Maps

Whether you want to see Google maps in your PC or mobile phone,you can do so in one of the following ways:

  • You also can access Google Maps through your phone. Details at

Search for places with Longitude and Latitude

For example, you know latitude and longitude of a place(e.g. 47.771008, -120.41175)and want to find the driving directions for that location from your current position. To find the route map for that place in google maps, you have to write both the long and lat in the “search map” box.Another useful feature that you can take advantage of is to find the latitude and longitude of an area.For that you just need to right click on the map and then click on “what is here”- the coördinate of that place will appear on the search box along with some important photos and details,which will be shown in the left pane of the Google map.

Some Useful Features

  • Google maps is not only useful for viewing satellite images of your city, but you can also use it as a means of finding business institution of a place and its vicinity along with finding driving directions. For instance, if you search for any location for a specific business, Google maps will give you all important business listings of that place with phone numbers.
  • Google maps have an earth view option, where you can see 3D images from Google Earth superimposed on Maps.
  • It can be used to get a complete driving direction information to your destination. You can even select and plan your travel route by entering multiple destination addresses in the Google maps.
  • You can use the street view feature of Google maps and navigate within a street of any city to become familiar with the place that you never visited before.

Finally, though many people use Google maps for satellite imagery,it has some outstanding features that are truly useful for travelers such as traffic information and estimated driving cost to a specific destination.All the features of Google Maps are not available in all the countries, you can check if all specified features mentioned in hub is available to your country by going at Map Feature Available in your Country.


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      riu branco jardim valma 

      7 years ago


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      7 years ago

      Amrit virk

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      7 years ago

      ain benian kloudelagrout e 19b

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      8 years ago

      I want see it

    • andromida profile imageAUTHOR

      syras mamun 

      8 years ago

      There might be little co-ordinate off-set due to calculation, because Google map is not giving you the coordinate of a place by reading live data in your GPS device.It gives you rather an estimated co-ordinate based on some specific reference points-so it is possible that your live data of coordinates might be little different than that of Google map coordinates.

    • profile image

      Dr. Stephen Sklarow 

      8 years ago

      Why is there difference between the visual location of a set of coordinates using google satellite or google map.The difference is huge. The satellite location is correct. Why is the map location off by so much (hundreds of meters)

    • andromida profile imageAUTHOR

      syras mamun 

      8 years ago

      The satellite pictures in Google maps are much clear.Oh sure, I also use it while I plan my travel.Thanks a lot :)

    • Entourage_007 profile image


      8 years ago from Santa Barbara, CA

      I use Google Maps a lot, especially when traveling. Its amazing how useful it is and it seems to be a great replacement if you don't by a GPS for your car.

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      arvind gora 

      8 years ago

      gurgaon map please

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      8 years ago

      philipine maps

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      me gusta


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