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How to Setup 3D Street View Mode in Google Maps

Updated on March 22, 2013

Watching street view in Google Maps is as simple as visiting any websites in the web, but if you are particularly interested to see 3d view of your streets, then it is only possible with Google maps.One thing I want to clarify is that all the images you will see in maps are not real-time,

Practical applications:Many want to see street view not only for fun but also for business needs. Just imagine of a location in a city where you want to set up your branch office and you are extremely meticulous in choosing a perfect location for your office in a particular street. Certainly, if that street has street level imagery in Google maps database then your work will be much easier, because you can make a street survey to find the exact positing for your street on Google Maps sitting in front of your laptop.

There is a very easy way on how to find street view just by visiting a single link.Since you are interested to see street view in 3D, which has been explained in the latter part of this hub, it is important to become familiar with the basic features, if you are using Google map for the first time, that you need to bring the street view on your Google maps.

Street View in Google Earth vs. Google Maps

Both Google maps and Google earth offers the same street view, but the main advantage of watching street view in Google maps is that you do not have to install any software; you can directly enjoy street view in your web browser.

street view setup google maps
street view setup google maps

Google Maps Street View Set up

Before finding street view of a street, you need to know that not all the streets have street view options. Only a few cities across the world can be viewed with street level imagery in Google Maps. I have included a list of US cities in this hub that have street view data with Google. To see a street view at first go to that location in Google maps or you just type the name of that place in the search bar of Google maps and then click “search map” button, automatically the map of the location appear on the right panel of your map. Now, on the top-left part of your navigation bar you will see a pegman (a man like icon), drag that icon into the map and street view will automatically appear in your map panel. When you move the pegman icon into the map you will see some blue color lines over the map, which means those streets has street view option. To move along the street just click on the “white “arrow and just scroll your mouse to move around the street or just click on any location of the street to move into that direction. On the bottom-left corner of your map, you will see an overview map; by moving the pegman icon with green arrow, you can also move any direction along the street.

Street View Setup in 3D

How to see street view in 3d?you can view your street in 3D mode with Google maps. Normally when you start a stree wiew for any location, you can not see that place in 3D unless enable it. to see any street in 3D you just need to go to that place.For example you want to see 3D view of a street in New York, then you just type the name of the street and then click "search the maps"button,once your desire location becomes visible on your map, just drag the pegman icon on that location to enter the street view mode.Now right click on your map and click on the "3d Mode on".

Remember that when you turn on the 3d mode for street view, your street images will become litte blurry.That is just because you are not wearing any 3D glasses.Just put on a 3d glass on your eyes and enjoy the 3d view.

Try Out the Street View in Goole Maps Given Below

A marker1099 San Mateo Avenue, San Bruno, California -
1099 San Mateo Ave, San Bruno, CA 94066, USA
get directions

Now,drag the pegman icon(top-left) in the place marked with "A". Keep moving your mouse along the yellow line to any side of the white arrow.

street view Los Angeles
street view Los Angeles

Easy way to see street view

Apart from US cities, street views are available for 75 European locations, 12 Australian Locations and 11 Asian locations. For easy street view access to your city, you can look at worldwide Street View coverage. When you enter this link, you will see continental map marked with numbers. For example, you want to see street view of Zurich, Switzerland, to visit the street of Zurich, left click on the number (75) on the European map and new window appear, click on “Zurich” and then click on “Enter Street View”-this action will directly take you to Zurich.

Street View of US & Canadian cities

Total 80 locations of the US cities are available in street views. The US locations which have street views with Google maps have been listed in the below table.

Zurich street view, switzerland
Zurich street view, switzerland
google maps 3d
google maps 3d

List of US and Canadian Cities with Street View in Google Maps

Albany, NY
Hartford, CT
Princeton, NJ
Albuquerque, NM
Indianapolis, IN
Providence, RI
Ann Arbor, MI
Jackson, MS
Quebec, Canada
Atlanta, GA
Jacksonville, FL
Raleigh, NC
Baltimore, MD
Las Vegas, NV
Rapid City, SD
Bay Area, California
Little Rock, AR
Reno, NV
Birmingham, AL
Los Angeles, CA
Richmond, VA
Boise, ID
Louisville, KY
Rockford, IL
Boston, MA
Madison, WI
Sacramento, CA
Boulder, CO
Manchester, NH
Salt Lake City, UT
Buffalo, NY
Memphis, TN
San Diego, CA
Charleston, WV
Miami, FL
Seattle, WA
Charlotte, NC
Milwaukee, WI
Spokane, WA
Chicago, IL
Minneapolis, MN
Squamish, Canada
Cleveland, OH
Mobile, AL
St Louis, MO
Columbia, SC
Montreal, Canada
Tampa, FL
Columbus, OH
Nashville, TN
Toronto, Canada
Denver, CO
New Orleans, LA
Tucson, AZ
Des Moines, IA
New York, NY
Vancouver, Canada
Detroit, MI
Orlando, FL
Virginia Beach, VA
Devil's Tower, WY
Ottawa, Canada
Washington, DC
Eureka, CA
Philadelphia, PA
Waterloo, Canada
Framingham, MA
Phoenix, AZ
Whistler, Canada
Fresno, CA
Pioneer Valley, MA
Wilmington, DE
Grand Rapids, MI
Pittsburgh, PA
Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming
Great Falls, MT
Portland, ME
Yosemite National Park, CA
Halifax, Canada
Portland, OR

How to install Google maps in Wordpress blogs

It not a bad idea at all to add your street view in your personal blog such as blogs.So,if you want to install Google maps in your wordpress blog, then first of all you need to collect Google API. You can have a Google API at You must have a Google account to get an API. This API will in effect embed Google maps in your blog. A single API works only in a single domain. At first logon to the above mentioned link using your Google ID and then collect you API by clicking on the “generate API” button after entering your site URL.

There is no limit of page view you can generate using your API but there is a limitation on the number of geocode generation in a day.


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      pakistan hazara map

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      syras mamun 7 years ago

      @Maita-thank you so much.street view in google maps is really is a easy watch.I am fine,thank you for asking.hope you are also well.

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      Good and nice information, cool too, Thank you and hope you're ok, Maita

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      @Jalus-Thanks a lot for stopping by.I think gradually all the major cities of the world will be under Google street view program.

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      This is really nice, I imagine they will add more places as it becomes more popular. Thanks

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      @Elena-its almost as clear view as Google Earth street view.Thank you so much :)

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      Wow, it gives such a clear view too.

      Thanks for sharing this info.