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GPS Vehicle Tracking Technology

Updated on September 20, 2014

Not too long ago it was a thing of science fiction to put a GPS vehicle tracking device on a car and be able to instantly know where the vehicle was at any given place in the world. Of course you would see it in the movies and on TV all the time. I'm sure the government has had the technology for 20 or more years but for the average Joe, it's a different story.

Now days we have technologies like cell phone locators, GPS vehicle trackers, personal locators, and more.

At first glance you might think that GPS vehicle tracking is only an item needed for secret government spy games but nothing could be further from the truth. There are many applications for GPS vehicle tracking systems.

  • The ability of a trucking company to use a GPS fleet tracking system to know exactly where their trucks have been and where their current location is invaluable. The trucking industry saves millions of dollars a year using these devices. Not to mention, when a client wants to know where their shipment is, the dispatcher can tell them instantly, and provide a very detailed estimated time of arrival. Fleet GPS tracking will not only save trucking companies money. It will make them money as well so the cost of running the system should not necessarily be a factor.
  • Many modern passenger vehicles are being equipped with GPS vehicle tracking systems these days. Car theft is running rampant in America. As a matter of fact, every twenty six seconds, another vehicle is stolen. In 2006 an estimated 1.2 million vehicles were stolen. With a GPS tracker installed in your vehicle, you would be able to instantly locate it and the police would be able to recover it within minutes. GPS auto tracking is quickly becoming standard equipment of vehicles. Many people aren't even aware that their vehicle is equipped with a GPS device. The finance companies will only use them if they need to find the vehicle for repossession.

  • Every parent worries about their teen drivers. Sure we want to be able to trust them and maybe it's an invasion of their privacy to track their cars with GPS vehicle tracking devices. Regardless of the ethics issue, when it comes to a child's safety, one can never be to careful. Statistics have shown that teen drivers who know that their vehicle is equipped with a GPS tracker, tend to be more responsible. Imagine your child not returning home by their designated curfew time. In a matter of minutes, you could hop on your computer and know where they were instantly. Think about the peace of mind that might bring a parent.
  • Emergency vehicles are dispatched by the hundreds every minute. Imagine how response times could be reduced if every emergency vehicle was equipped with a GPS vehicle tracking system. An additional benefit is emergency personnel safety. If an officer isn't reachable on their radio, the dispatcher can instantly know where they are and send another unit to investigate. This technology can save lives!
  • Taxi companies can quickly dispatch the nearest available cab to your location should you need a ride. Instead of waiting for a cab to drive clear across town to pick you up, the dispatcher can send one that is only a couple of blocks away. Think of the time and money that can save. Gps tracking for cars can actually help the cab company make more money.  With a GPS logger, vehicle tracking is simple and easy.

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We could go on and on listing the potential applications for GPS tracking devices. The sky is really the limit.

Now comes the question of affordability. Only the well to do can afford these gadgets, right? You would certainly be wrong if you answered yes. I did a quick Internet search and the first result in Google showed a company that sells GPS vehicle tracking systems that start at only $199 with no monthly service contracts! Their most popular model sells for only $500. For a small monthly fee the service will provide real time data.

The technology of Gps tracking systems is no longer one of James Bond movies. It's here now and it's here to stay. I have a son that will be driving in just over a years time. I for one will be installing a GPS tracking system in his car.

GPS Vehicle Tracking Video

Here's a very informative short video describing GPS Vehicle tracking technology.  It has some great tips and ideas.

GPS Vehicle Tracking Poll

Do you think it is right to install GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems in teen drivers vehicles?

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The information on this page is for entertainment purposes only. Don't use anything that you read here without first checking to see if it is legal where you live. It may be against the law to track someone without their knowledge or consent. You alone are responsible for knowing the laws before you use this technology! Never use any form of technology to track someone without their knowledge.

Tell me what you think about GPS vehicle tracking devices.

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