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Zoom H4N Handy Portable Digital Recorder

Updated on August 2, 2013

Zoom H4N Review

The Zoom H4N handy portable digital recorder Is proven in many ways to be one of the best of its kind. With so many different brands available out there that many people easily recognize there are also brands out there that most people have never even heard of before. When it comes to choosing the right model, however, the brand name printed on the label should not be the determining factor for which model to purchase. On the other hand, choosing the best quality device available should be a top priority. On the very shortlist of top quality electronic recorders, the Zoom H4N surely deserves a place in one of the top spots.

Zoom H4N
Zoom H4N

The Zoom Portable Digital Recorder

Experience the Very Best In Sound Quality

Most recorders have stereo microphones that can only record at one specific degree, but they do not offer very much flexibility past that. The Zoom H4N exceeds those expectations by being able to offer users a choice of recording at either 90 degrees or 120 degrees.


This device is also capable of recording simultaneously on four channels using the microphones that are built-in as well as plugged in to the device itself. The Zoom H4N also comes with a very low-cut filter that allows you to enjoy quality sound without a lot of background noise and other vocal distractions. The metronome works well along with the on-board tuner to maintain a good pitch, tone and tempo for the recording - a feature that is not found in many other comparable models.


Zoom H4N
Zoom H4N

Maximum Efficiency With Zoom Recorders

Through Built-in Features & Storage Capacity

Another great benefit about the H4N is that it is capable of recording on SD cards as well as SDHC media so that you are able to have up to 32GB of storage space to record hours upon hours of footage at a time.

To save space on the device and increase the amount of time that you can spend recording with this device, you are able to use MP3 recording instead of any other format that may take up more space on both your recorder as well as your computer. The USB 2.0 port that is also built into this recorder really does come in handy when you want to have quick access to your saved recordings. For instance, if you need to quickly transfer files from the device to your computer, you can just plug it up using this port and transfer the files over quick and easily. It even has a reference speaker built into this device that gives you the ability to check your recordings right then and there on the spot without having to transfer the files. It is clear, then, that this device was designed to provide a level of quality sound and efficiency that is hard to match by any other model.

Zoom H4N Product Overview


The Minor Disadvantages Of The H4N

As with anything in life, there is also a downside even to this amazing recording equipment. The overall navigation of the integrated menu system does not seem to run as smoothly as it should on such a hi-tech device. When you switch between different menus and settings, you may quickly notice that the display is not as clear as it should be and it does not move as quickly to the next screen as it should. Another disadvantage is the inability to change filenames after they have already been saved. Since it has a storage space that can be expanded up to 32GB, most users would just end up saving their files on the device itself instead of going through the process of transferring the data back and forth. This is fine as long as you remember that the filenames cannot be changed on the actual device; you can only add on different characters to the name that is already saved.

Zoom H4N
Zoom H4N

The H4N Zoom A Great Product For A Great Deal

Even with the few minor setbacks that some customers have experienced by deciding to use this specific recording device, the extensive list of benefits and advantages far outweigh the few items on the list of disadvantages. It is a great product that is being sold for a great price! Even though the brand name may not be one of the most familiar names circulating throughout the wonderful world of technology, the Zoom H4N may just be the one device that escalates the entire brand straight to the top of the list!

Zoom H4N Tutorial Videos

Zoom H4N Cubase Tutorial Videos

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