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Handheld Projector Turns Your Mobile Device Into a Theater

Updated on April 6, 2013

Which Type of Handheld Projector is Right for You?

Handheld projectors, also known as pocket projectors, burst onto the scene a few years ago, and now they're quickly becoming a favorite smartphone accessory. With one of these handy devices, you can project photos, videos or other media from your iPhone, iPod, iPad or other mobile device, eliminating the need to huddle around the tiny screen when you're trying to share content with friends, family or business associates. And now you have plenty of choices with a handheld projector. You can get cameras with projectors, docking stations with projectors, or simply get a dedicated handheld projector to hook up to your mobile devices. Take a look below to see what's hot in handheld video projectors.

(Image of AAXA M2 handheld pico projector provided by Amazon)

AAXA M2 Pico/Micro Projector - The most popular handheld projector

One of the problems with some handheld projectors is that they aren't bright enough to use in a fully lit room. The AAXA M2 projector, however, has an ultra-bright 110 Lumen LED light engine, making it easier to see. It comes with an onboard keyboard and a built-in media player to plays movies, music and photos.

AAXA M2 Pico/Micro Projector with LED,  XGA 1024x768 Resolution, 110 Lumens, Media Player and HDMI
AAXA M2 Pico/Micro Projector with LED, XGA 1024x768 Resolution, 110 Lumens, Media Player and HDMI

Product description: The AAXA M2 Micro Projector is the world's first XGA micro projector. Weighing just 1 pound yet producing a vivid 110 lumen image with Vibrant Color technology, the AAXA M2 Micro Projector is the next generation ultra-portable multimedia projector. With power to produce 100" images*, a versatile media player, built-in storage, and an array of input options, the M2 redefines what is capable in mobile projection technology.


Pico Projector Under $100 - AAXA P1 Jr Ultra Portable Pico Pocket Projector, LED, Media Player, Speaker, iPhone Compatible

If you're looking for an inexpensive handheld projector, the AAZA P1 Jr may be what you're looking for. As of this writing, this projector is available for $99 on Amazon (check the site for current prices), but you still get big results from a little projector. It can projector up to 50 inches diagonal and the light has a 15,000-hour life. The AAXA P1 Jur supports MP4/MPG/3GP/AVI/JPG/TXT and Composite A/V Input.

A Handheld Projector-and-Camera-in-One - Nikon S1200pj

Most pico projectors are good for one thing - projecting images. But this Nikon camera does double duty as a regular digital camera with a 14.1 MP sensor, 5x optical zoom and one-touch HD video recording, while also serving as a 20-Lumen projector to display all your images and movies from the camera or from an iPod, iPad or iPhone. That makes it a great option for a travel camera. Having a double-duty camera and projector means one less item to pack and carry!

NIKON - Coolpix S1200pj Black 14.1-Megapixel Zoom Digital Camera with Built-In Projector
NIKON - Coolpix S1200pj Black 14.1-Megapixel Zoom Digital Camera with Built-In Projector

Product description: If you're the gadget guru of your friends, get ready to blow them away with your latest high-tech device—the Nikon COOLPIX S1200pj. Featuring a powerful built-in projector that can project photos and movies up to 60-inches diagonally onto any flat surface, the 14.1-MP S1200pj is sure to be the center of attention at your next gathering. Its versatile 5x zoom lens provides wide and close-up options. Plus, the S1200pj can connect to an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, iPod nano and iPod photo and project images, movies and web content from the device. Simply shoot, project and instantly bring the wow factor to any party.


Optoma Neo-i / DV20 Portable iPod/iPhone Docking Station Projector - iPhone video projector charges your phone or iPod, too

Another double-duty device is the Optoma Neo-i / DV20 portable projector and docking station. This dock can charge your iPhone or iPod and also project images up to 120 inches diagonal. The 50 Lumens light has a 20,000 hour life, so you'll be able to use this projector for a long, long time.

Optoma Neo-i / DV20A, 50 Lumens, All-in-One LED Gametime Projector (Black)
Optoma Neo-i / DV20A, 50 Lumens, All-in-One LED Gametime Projector (Black)

Product features:

- Universal Dock compatible with all iPhone models and iPod models with video capability

- Bass Reflex design to maximize audio quality and bass response

- Project large widescreen images of up to 120"diagonal, 2000:1 contrast ratio for detailed images

- Connectivity capabilities through optional accessories

- iPad kit - share content from the iPad with optional kit


Handheld projectors can connect to most mobile devices, but often aren't compatible with laptops

More Pico Projectors - Find other options on Amazon

The models shown above are just of the few choices available today. Want more to look at? Take a look at these options.

Portable Projectors on eBay - A great place to find deals

eBay is another great place to shop for projectors and other electronics. For immediate purchase, look for Buy It Now Items. And always be sure to check the seller's ratings before you buy.

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