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HD DVD Players

Updated on June 12, 2013

Do you remember a few years ago when HD DVD players first came out? You bought your player online or at one of the big box stores, you brought it home, and put in an HD DVD. Do you remember how great that looked? How clear the picture was and how enjoyable the sound? Yes, that was something, a great leap forward in home movie watching. It was almost like, who ever needs to go to the movie theater again?

Unfortunately, a couple of years ago they stopped making new HD DVD players. This has meant that people who genuinely like this technology have found it harder to get their HD DVD player fixed or to find a new one that was made before the players were discontinued. These players can still be found new though if you look around, and used and refurbished HD DVD players are available too. What’s more, now that most of the big DVD companies have moved on to Blu Ray discs, you can get some real bargains on HD DVDs, finding great movies at a fraction of the cost.

HD versus Blu Ray

Blu Ray DVD players and movies seem to have won the battle for consumers. These players are widely available, and the movie studios and DVD producers have switched over production to this technology. But for those who still love the HD DVD players, what are their advantages over Blu Ray? In fact, there are quite a few.

First of all, there is the question of compatibility. A lot of people still have extensive libraries of standard DVDs. Most HD DVDs players allow you not only to play HD DVDs at a much higher picture and sound quality, but also allow you to play your standard DVD library that you spent so much time and money collecting over the years. And even though standard DVDs do not have as high a picture quality as the HD variety, the new HD DVD players still deliver better quality when watching the older discs than on standard DVD players.

Second of all, HD DVD players were quite a bit cheaper than Blu Ray players, even when both technologies were being made brand new. These days, a new, used, or refurbished HD DVD player can be picked up at a real bargain. This means that you can even buy a couple of HD DVD players when you come across them so you can make sure that you have a player into the future on which you can watch your DVD collection. What’s more, as mentioned above, as retailers move out HD DVDs to make room for Blu Ray discs, they are selling these DVDs at really good prices. You can build up a great movie library for a fraction of the original cost.

Finding HD DVD Players

For those who would like to buy a new or refurbished HD DVD player, the best option at this point might be to hit the internet. When performing an internet search for HD DVD players, you may end up with some results that are out of date. You may come upon old advertisements from various DVD retailers that are no longer selling this movie technology. However, there are places that still have the HD players on hand, both new and used. Searching for HD DVD players at Google Shopping for example will provide you with a good listing of places that are currently carrying the players. Even Kmart has a number of new HD DVD players for sale at good prices. As mentioned above, you might consider purchasing a few new HD DVD players so as to insure a reliable and working player for your HD formatted discs into the future.

There is, however, another option for those willing to spend a bit more for their DVD player. There is the option of purchasing a dual HD and Blu Ray DVD player. This, of course, will allow you both to continue to purchase HD DVDs and play your current library of these movies while you to begin to purchase a second library of Blu Ray discs. For the serious movie collector, this may be an ideal compromise.

There is no doubt that the technology of movie formats and the players that show them will continue to grow. The HD DVD player is one terrific step along that path.


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