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How About a BlackBerry PlayBook in Your Christmas Stocking?

Updated on June 17, 2015

First let me say that I know that the BlackBerry Playbook has been out for a while. In the good news this means that the price has gone down. A lot. I also know that there are newer products on the market. Trust me my wife is hinting for one of those for Christmas. But I still enjoy the PlayBook that's made by BlackBerry.

There are three different storage sizes available with the PlayBook. They are 64 Gig, 32 Gig and 16 Gig of storage. Each one has a 7 inch screen and one Gig of memory. They also have a camera on the front and back of this device. Both are great for taking pictures. Trust me I have a wonderful picture of me pieing the boss one day.

Another nice feature of the PlayBook is the touch screen. Yes it responds to your touch. In fact some of the apps that you will be using with your BlackBerry will have a keyboard right on the screen. This comes in handy for many tings. The first of which comes when you set up your PlayBook for the first time. Yes there is a little typing involved when setting it up. Passwords and apps are other things that you will need this keyboard for. Believe it or not it is easy to work with on your PlayBook.

I know you are wondering what exactly can I use this hunk of circuits for? That would be the first one I mentioned above. And that's for taking pictures. Another is for storing your music and listening to it later. There is an app that comes with it for word processing and another for spread sheets.

One great convince of the BlackBerry PlayBook is its size. It is big enough for use anywhere and still small enough to take on a plane. I know it is easy to fit in my coat pocket. And when traveling it is an easy way to store data. To have it available during a meeting or just to show pictures to the grandparents when you go to visits. I know I have helped people to get their data onto their PlayBooks for occasions just like those listed here.

For me most of the things I tended to check out on the Playbook were free apps. These are available on the BlackBerry App World. You can see my most used apps here. Check out my favorite Playbook Apps. And yes most of them are games. I know I once talked to someone that was concerned that she would have to buy all her apps. I was able to show her App World and all the things there that are free. She was then happy. Its at times like these that I was happy to have a PlayBook in my hands and able to show my friends just what it can do for them and their needs.

Here are a few other things to help keep that PlayBook up and running.

GTMax Rapid Retractable Car Charger with IC Chip for Blackberry Playbook Tablet
GTMax Rapid Retractable Car Charger with IC Chip for Blackberry Playbook Tablet

And going from work to home or vice versa you want your PlayBook to function as soon as you get there. So charge it in the car. I know this is the main way that my phone also gets charged.


And now one to help keep your PlayBook safe.

Research in Motion Leather Sleeve for BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet (ACC-39311-301)
Research in Motion Leather Sleeve for BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet (ACC-39311-301)

Like a bag to carry your laptop in. This is a small way to carry your PlayBook and keep the screen protected. And over the previous two items this could be more valuable and at the same time less expensive.


There is an app that can be loaded onto the play book about a fireplace. I would have it running for the sound and visuals to help keep me warm.


VEVO. A great free app for watching and listening to music.

Which type of App are you likely to use on your BlackBerry PlayBook

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    • profile image

      Anna2of5 4 years ago

      Neat, I learned something new. Thanks, now about that pie throwing pic....would love to see that for morale. :D