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10 Ways on How Social Medias Work

Updated on August 23, 2017

Are you a member of a social network?

It is one of craziest craze these days, to be in one of the social networks that really works. Are these social networking site doing us any good or not? For some it is a way of communication, for others a way to get well known faster especially for bloggers and communities. FIND out how these work and why they are such an IN thing to be in these days and how they can affect us and our lives.

Do you belong in any of these Social Networking Site?

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People are already in the social networking craze and they do can't stop themselves from using such. Let us find out what's the best choice for the users.

Which do you PREFER to use more often among the list?

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What is really a Social Network?

A social networking site is where people from around the globe can instantly access and connect with each other with just one site. One can actually write and send messages, chat at the same time surf and post comments on the same site

It is very hot with High school and College students because they can instantly make friends and connect with them.

They can upload photos personally taken and customize profiles that suits them and their personality.

So, why does it Click?

For some reason, aside from socializing and connecting, it has expanded it features to games, groups, fan pages, chats, and joining of other networks that are within the locality or internationally made.

PHOTO Credits: Social Networking from GettyImages

List of Reasons

Here are Reasons 1 to 5

PHOTO Credits: Social Networking from GettyImages

I've listed out the basic applications that made it very accessible to use


Yes, games! and a lot of them...Not only is it fun but it can be very habit-forming to use. Even those who can't and don't know how to play will practice and learn just to play!!


Yeah, Trivia!! All right!!! And a lot of them...This site engages in trivias that people will easily get hooked on.

It features trivias from love to fun to personality and work and a lot more...

What's the best part is that you can make your own trivia of yourself or anything just for fun and send to your friends for them to answer, Is it not the most wonderful thing? You can manage your own trivia here. It's Perfect!


It has a lot of groups connected in them that suits your interests and needs. Not only does it benefit theuser but also gain more friends of the same wavelength and passion.

From my experience, I have joined the Circle of Moms group. It's really interesting and fun. I acquired new friends and meet new moms like me. I gained new knowledge as I am with them because I found their suggestions and advices very useful. So, why not join now!!


Its the old fashion way of exposing the self but it still works here. It shows the real you or may be something more.

It creates the the originality and imagination of the person in dealing with the camera. It brings out the talent, skills, and artistry for photography.

With this site, no need to upload pics from another friend if it has your face on it, Just "tag" it, and Viola! the picture is on your photo album already.

Have you noticed that for some people who look so ordinary in real life may be so dashing and elegant in their pictures?

What are you waiting for, take a pic now!

5. CHAT...CHAT...CHAT...

Its the Chat that Matters! Right! The Chat!!!

CHAT CHAT CHAT.... blah blah blah...

Do I have to expound?

Its fun talking to someone right away when you need them.

Its also amazing talking to them even when their miles away.

With this site, no need to open up something like YM or Skype to chat with a friend who is also online. Just click the chat box and your on your way.

Here are Reasons 6 to 10

PHOTO Credits: Social Networking from GettyImages


What the fUSERS thinks or says or does is directly posted to all the the friends wall. These in turn can be liked and commented by the friends of other users as well.. Amazing! Isn't it?

Pictures can even be shared. It's like a shoutout to everybody who is connected to you. You can even post your own site here.

We like to share what's in our mind and the whole world, or so our world in the net, knows about it an instant. Cool!!!


Peope just LOVE comments. Don't we?

With this site, people get instant comments on what your latest buzz and chikkas. Replies are easily sent and read right away.

Some used this as something they can explain or give their opinion on.

What the world thinks about you, you will have the views right away...

Its more fun this way, it more interactive..


One can actually have their own limited or open groups to the public.

Its one way of putting together all your friends and relatives in the same page , like a second site actually! But in your own group..

Whatever its called!

So have one, its easy as one, two and three... Boom! you have your own group to run, no need to make a new account..

Go make it now!


YES, some young entrepreneurs would have and opt to have these site for their business connections as it easily connects to other people at the same time, they get to have the advertisement that they wanted to have in an instant. Just click, make a site here and your business is on its way to stardom!

10. Lastly, ITS IN!!!

WELL, When the world announced that the newest fad is Social Networking Site, Naturally, What's In is What's Hot. People attaches and tries to update everytime, so with this in mind, because it was said so, people used it...

Networking is an essential part of building wealth!

What is IN may not be totally GOOD

Yes, a lot have been made in these social networking site and for some, it brought them the bad news they don't actually need. I could list a few and maybe you could add some more for me..

1. Separation - for some jealousy becomes their company. Some couples would separate just because the other partner is jealous of what he/she saw in the site. These could cause chaos and soon separation. Or for some couples, its good cause they found out that their partners were actually cheating on them. Good if that's is the case, how about the others?

2. Suicide - some, worse with teenagers, because they associate everything they see here with themselves, they would soon become depressed especially if they do not have and get what they saw in here.

3. Socializing - but I'm referring to over socializing and that is when some people have already been married or in a relationship and see these sites as one source to have another one.

I may have not included other reasons but as of the moment, that is what I can think of. Maybe I can add soon.

PHOTO Credits: Opposites from GettyImages

What is your side on this?

Did the social networking sites do any good to us as a whole?


What do you think of social media these days? - Leave your comments and suggestions about this

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    • heartycindypen profile image

      Hearty Cindy Penaranda 5 years ago from Ormoc City

      @jethrosas: Thanks, you are welcome!

    • jethrosas profile image

      Jethro 5 years ago from Philippines

      They are very helpful to me esp. I have other online businesses like writing articles and the like. Thanks for making this lens. :)

    • mrkensworld profile image

      mrkensworld 5 years ago

      I loveit! It is valuable for personal connections and business..

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